Wood hangers several commonly used materials

Wood hangers commonly used wood is introduced, the current domestic production of wooden hangers mainly wood, maple, pine for timber; In addition, there are also includes raw materials, the German beech (ward), imports of American technology teak (common teak), the us technology black mahogany (spade wooden), Indonesia’s white (white wood) and eucalyptus wood, etc. Today China garment accessories network under the small make up take you to get to know together of wooden hangers commonly used several kinds of timber in our country.h3

Below, the production of wooden hangers is presented in three kinds of commonly used wood.

Schima superba lotus tree tea division, as the evergreen trees, also known as schima superba. Tree height up to 30 meters, 1 meter in diameter. Bark dark brown, longitudinal cracks. Branchlets dark gray. Lenticels. Leaves leathery, alternate, oblong, glabrous, margin with obtuse teeth. Flowering for 5 to 7 months, flowers white, for both sexes. Capsule woody, oblate, 1.5 cm in diam. Seeds compressed, kidney-shaped, margin winged, 10 ~ 11 month. As timber, lotus wood texture until oblique, fine structure. Dry and easy to become warped. But the edge is smooth, paint and glue joint performance is good. In China are mainly distributed in fujian, zhejiang, jiangxi, hunan, anhui, guangdong, guangxi.

Ju wood Ju wood ulmaceae, deciduous trees, high number, bark is hard, beige. Leaves have serrated, quality is a bit thin. A pale yellow flower of spring, unisexual, monoecious. Flowers after small fruit, slightly is triangular. Ju wood produced in southern China, northern called south elm. The timber quality solid, beautiful texture, available for building and implements material. Ju wood is not rich in timber, but traditional furniture in Ming and qing dynasties, a wide use. Some ju not large and beautiful decorative pattern, natural colour like rosewood. And its old wood with red, and blood called ju. Sen grain hangers on of imported ju wood production of various kinds of high-grade hangers.

maple Aka maple, big huwg, Japanese maple, belongs to aceraceae, maple tree. In our country mainly from huai hai river basin south to Taiwan. Canadian maple is very famous in North America. The young make smooth bark brown lenticels, old to dark gray, rough. Heart, sapwood distinction is not obvious, wood ash brown reddish-brown to ashes. The ring is not obvious. Maple don’t decay resistance, but the paint performance good, glue joint performance, widely used in all kinds of daily supplies, especially widely used wood floor. In addition, in recent years, the Chinese wood hangers lipu county, the city of many manufacturers started using eucalyptus wood to make wood hangers, but its lac performance is not good, easy to take off the lacquer.