What should we do when zipper stuck clothes ?

We’d better draw the zipper when the laundry, and will be able to fix the pull head, if the head is not on, so would scratch cloth, and cloth belt scale. Paraffin and oily film on the surface of the zipper will be decontamination strong detergent and chlorine bleach because of dissolution, so it is important to note that when using.

Bad after washing the zipper pull can be coated with wax to pull his head in two or three times, so that it will be better.z10

When the zipper stuck you clothes

When switch zipper, sometimes because of and make the zipper pull is clipped to the cloth. Then if forcibly pull zipper blindly, will only make the burqa more tightly, so as far as possible to pull the card in the head of the cloth to pull and then head back to the in situ, if completely stuck, don’t be too hard, just slowly pull up.

Also must pay attention to in sewing the zipper sewn is flat and level. Wear and take off your clothes, please open the zipper fully under the condition of wear and take off again, the best or trousers hook again zippers buckle button first will be relatively smooth, if head tooth half-way stop in the chain, and is easy to cause the zipper solid barrier. With zipper boots, gloves and garment accessories and so on, also to pay attention to, reduce trouble.

Suitable material warm, ironing technique

Not only the clothes should be in accordance with the material change with the different electric iron temperature, zipper also need ironing under optimum temperature, under the optimum material comfort to keep the zipper strong and beautiful, when ironing regardless of any other material must be made in the tooth, zipper, pull the pull head piece of flat in proper position, and put a patch before ironing.