What pay attention to the clothing hang tags design

    In logo design of famous brand effect is generally valued today, the famous logo has become the symbol of a kind of spirit, a kind of status, a kind of the embodiment of the enterprise value. Specifically, the value of the clothing brand logo is embodied in the following aspects: economic value, credit value and artistic value. So, clothing trademark logo design is essential for a clothing brand. JZ garment accessories co., LTD. Is a collection production processing, wholesale distribution company, main business: trademarks, woven label, tags, printed label, washing label, grain, stickers, plastic (rubber), leather label, ribbon, rope buckle, all kinds of material bags, etc all kinds of garment accessories products.

     Mark is an organization, a commodity or a symbolic activity, through the image meaning clear, modelling concise, industry characteristics, mental outlook and cultural connotation of the full performance. It, as an integral part of modern commercial society, has become a kind of artistic language and visual identification of special medium. In the fierce competition in the clothing market, there are many factors of clothing brand marketing, the most widely used and spread in the process of the highest frequency is the brand logo. Clothing brand logo as a kind of specific visual symbol, is one of the important factors of visual identification, it embodies the image of the enterprise, the scale, product characteristics, the symbolic enterprise credibility, philosophy, culture, etc., and protected by the laws of the state.

     Famous brand effect is generally valued in today, the famous logo has become the symbol of a kind of spirit, a kind of status, a kind of embodiment of enterprise value. Specifically, the value of the clothing brand logo is embodied in the following aspects:

1, economic value: it is constitute the material basis for the sign value, mainly is refers to the trademark is the value of the market economy in the process of transfer, such as France, costumes, Esprit clothing trademark worth tens of millions of dollars in the United States. Visible, mark became a rely on and guarantee of enterprise development, is the enterprise huge intangible assets. Thus trademark in use you have certain rights and belonging, protected by law, inviolable.

2, the prestige value: it is the important foundation of a trademark value, especially the famous brand logo build credibility in the market, become the symbol of garment quality, style and quality. Brand logo bring consumer satisfaction, trust and success value identity, logo also formed in the process of circulation good visibility and reputation.

     By age 3, artistic value, brand logo design aesthetic impregnation, can see clearly the evolution course of human material and spiritual life. It as a kind of social culture and aesthetic elements, in today’s society, the role of providing much more than a symbolic role, through a special symbolic language that conveys the aesthetic value and cultural value.

     Sign in the process of creating famous brand enterprises and famous brand product plays an important role. It is in the process of transmission, make consumers to establish a good impression of enterprise and trust relationship, is conducive to the formation of the enterprise status and ascend. At the same time promote the enterprise to the attention of the trademark art form, promoting the value of the trademark design. , of course, in the enterprise and the art form of trademark, the design value seriously at the same time, also will inevitably to the clothing brand visual performance put forward higher requirements. In particular, should be paid attention to:

1, the accuracy of the thoughts to express. Mark from content to form in the design should be fully embodies the visual design language, can accurately show the garment industry and enterprise features, show the connotation of clothing brand personality, and market positioning. Mark’s message and consumer associations have consistency, clear, clear, and conform to the cognitive psychology of people, facilitating recognition memory.

2, the personality is distinct originality. Symbol in excavated in the design of the inherent characteristics of clothing brand, strengthen with other brand at the same time, the difference of the find the brand belonging to reflect its style and taste. Therefore, sign the form and pay attention to in the design of novel, the pursuit of personality, has the infinite vitality.

3, with the artistic quality of visual. Logo in addition to accurate transmission of information in the design and practical function, also have the attraction and appeal of art, reflect the modernity of diversified clothing. So on the modelling of elegant chic, with good visual impact and affinity, give a person with visual pleasure and enjoyment, embodies the demand of the new era of communication.

4, make, use, management convenience. Marks within a certain range, show in different environments, different media publicity, different materials on the production, have the recognition.