What method can make the jeans do not fade

    Friend, washing jeans are not willing to see after washing water is the color of the jeans. Indeed, fade or rub off will make it not as bright and natural, before shrink but also will make the jeans and trousers before did not have type and firming. No matter you are the big brand trousers, or buy the booth in pants, you certainly do not want it to rub off or shrink. So, how do you for a long time to keep the jeans “youth”? Simple excipients small make up a few action can be done:

jeans labels1, must remember, when to wash jeans must be inside the pants, means it is washed wash pants inside.

2, wash, do not use hot water to wash, to use cold water, because it helps reduce the fade and avoid shrinking, conditional can use special washing liquid.

3, no matter what color you are wearing jeans, try not to bleach.

4, conditional word, as far as possible dry naturally, don’t put inside the washing machine to dry.

5, cowboy clothing don’t hang up, but the folding place as far as possible.

So 5 action, not more not less, effect to estimate the suffering of many friends to a certain extent, but for the sake of your beloved jeans, overcome it.