What kind of packing bag design can play a “striking” effect?

custom paper bags packingbagsNow a lot of people think that packaging design is pretty good, or the atmosphere, without careful analysis of product positioning, professional planning analysis, the market did not do a targeted consumers’ preferences for product packaging design, leading to the final design of packaging like the vase on the shelf, pretty bad to use, also does not have its own features, a bit does not impress the consumers shopping impulse.According to the market feedback, we have collected some customers and consumers, for packaging bags, packaging box design put forward a proposal for the following several aspects.
1.The product positioning.Enterprise products is certainly not a designer or director of enterprise individual production, consumption of mass production, but for a range with a specific consumer groups.So our packing bag design must always focus on the product consumption behavior of consumers, giving a clear market positioning to design a good product packaging.
2.In the paper bag or box design of packaging as a marketing tool, to product the consumer behavior of the target market research, market research and data analysis to work out a set of the packaging design form the most beneficial to product sales.So in the design, designers and managers of the individual aesthetic intention can only the secondary position, the consumption behavior of consumer is first consider the factors of packaging design.
3.Choose among consumers in the similar goods range, more time is about its purchase behavior by psychological factors, psychological needs in modern marketing often become the important factor of consumer potential, so we in the packaging design should stand in the Angle of the consumer to think positioning, embedded in the design elements contain purchase suggested that meet or advertising phrase, touches consumers to purchase the nerve!Packaging bags and packaging design is the need to coordinate and data support, not only is a personal preference, the design should always stand on the consumer’s point of view to carry on the design, so that the packing of the products to win the favor of the market.

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