What is the washing label ?

printed label,washing label1) clothing fabrics ingredients, washing method and method of use, and the correct: such as dry cleaning/machine/hand wash, whether can be bleached, dry method, ironing temperature requirements, etc, used to guide the user to wash clothes and correct maintenance; Water washing label generally below the collar, main label in the lower back or next to, or are in the position of the side seam. 2) the toy material composition, the correct method of use and is suitable for the age to play, such as: 0-3 years of age, 0 to 14 years of age or under 18 months, wash water ma will indicate the date of manufacture, the country and exporter of authentication marks, etc.,

The wash water label material

Water washing label has different material to match the different product information. Commonly used Nylon (Nylon), Polyester (Polyester), cellulose Acetate (Acetate), blending (TC), Cotton (Cotton) and non-woven fabrics, etc. At the same time in order to improve the product value and diversity, with light cloth (Full – dull Fabrics), semifinished cloth (Sem – dull Fabrics), light (Bright Fabrics) and Pearl (Pearl Finished Fabrics), etc.

Water washing label, the label in order to apply to different ways of printing, fabric with different chemical raw materials, or resin coating processing, the processing procedure to ensure material in the process of printing ink absorbency and easy dry and not easily decoloring or fade, as well as resistance to water and not loose edge, its various features all complies fully with the international standard.