What is the effect of clothing label to human body?

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   In our daily life there is to the clothing label to a tingling or lead to the phenomenon of skin allergy? Actually, this is a common problem, but in today’s world does not have a label on the material and the standard of judgement, garment accessories industry will be in their use of the standard of material to produce. Clothing collar on the table, as we all know, the shipping mark, is the main label, need selvage or printers brand or with needed information (such as, hao hao garment accessories S clothing textiles M our hao garment accessories L), and dress the waist position of the shipping mark, wash water ma, generally the wash water label is made of soft material, used on printing fabric content and information such as washing note or a producer. The main label and washing label use of the contents of the specification and material, is determined by the clothing enterprises.

Newborn baby’s skin is the most slippery, when receiving a little stimulation will easily erythema or skin allergy, now the new parents need to choose a small baby clothing style and comfort of colleague, need to pay attention to the dress use the shipping mark will bring your baby’s skin. For label, will be a bit hard. Now on the market, the businesses in order to avoid this problem, will choose the non-inductive thermal transfer printing marks, the marks of a one advantage is that it won’t like the main label generally hard and stimulate the skin, but it also has a big weakness, is that it is essentially the solvent ink products, which may contain formaldehyde, phthalates, azo dye harmful ingredients, such as for sensitive skin easily sexual population is a big hidden trouble. You might ask, what type of shipping mark will be more do not stimulate the skin and safer? Water-based dye “non-inductive label”! But this “non-inductive label production process is complicated, the price will be higher than the average marks