What is the distinguishing feature of woven label of advertising

custom woven labels1, low input: a county-level market, for example, in 500 3 m * 0.7 m banner as an example, the woven lable advertising costs about 3000 yuan, 4000 yuan, hanging fee is about 30$ (including labor, materials, transportation and other miscellaneous fees).

2, terminal market reflects the speed: market fast changing, the marketing plan must be subsequently and change, want to quickly in the terminal market marketing plan is passed on to the market, must achieve rapid response, it is only through the woven lable advertising can quickly reach the terminal market. Quickly create a new terminal marketing atmosphere, complete marketing purposes.

3 area wide, advertising to target consumers: 500 banner is 500 booth, can reach a county-level cities of more than 95% of administrative villages, because rural residents liquidity is relatively small, mainly is just to live, work and life so terminal advertising into the village can be in the face of all country terminal consumers, achieve high advertising effect.

4, large advertising impact strength, high density of advertising: because the woven lable advertising can blossom fancy multipoint advertising effect, can have a powerful advertising shock wave to terminal market.

5, targeted advertising: in a county court on the article 500 of the banners, can be designed into two type, one as the main enterprise brand image of the brand advertising, the main highlight the product name, production enterprise name. Banner design do simple, focused. Second effect for the class of publicity, other functions can be described in detail the product, the specific content of efficacy aspects need to be described in detail.

6, long time advertising: woven lable advertising after the suspension, under the condition of no artificial damage, can save at least 1 years of time. Advertising banners release in the rural areas mainly nail various walls in the countryside, as long as the banners in suspension process was fastened, banners in 1 year will not be damaged.