What is the difference between the printed label and woven label

Garment accessories like a project, including design, production, the production process various links, the most important one link is selected material, material and fabric cloth and other types of trademarks. Woven label and trademark printing label is one of the essential components in the garment accessories, its usage is very extensive. Clothing tags with us now, improve the grade of clothes and auxiliary action such as garments, is an indispensable part of garments, has its own characteristics and existence. So, what do you know for the woven label, printed mark knowledge?

printed labels,woven labelClothing trademark was originally used in clothing, in accordance with the relevant usage can be divided into the following two categories:

1, printed label

Printed label is relative to the case of woven label, is the trademark printing, also known as water washing label or wash label, including the size or label and waist size logo and clothing tags on the certificate. Printing mark effect are related ingredients that make clothes, clothes washing methods and precautions, and therefore also known as indicator, pay attention to the standard, composition standard, washing label, woven lable and barcode label. Printed label purpose: besides garment for bulk, and socks, toys, hats, bedding and towels and other purposes.

2, woven label

Woven label is to show the clothes clothing or related features, generally have the English or LOGO of the brand. Mainly divided into selvage and two cutting edges. Selvage woven lable: when the trademark you’ll need a one-off according to the width of the need to weave, called the selvage trademark. Trimming woven lable: as the name implies, in a dedicated high-speed machines, a horse like weaving weavers, according to mark the width of the cut into strips. Because of polyester hot melt properties, yarn will stick together when cut, not loose edge.