What is the custom clothing hangtags process ?

Let’s take a look at the customer will have the following several ways:custom clothing hangtags

1 】 customer samples, and the design draft. This way is the most ideal state, the operation is simple, the process and effect of printing is better.

2 】 the customer have actual sample, have no design draft. For this customer, normally we can direct the production, but some of these four color tag, need special craft processing, time will be slow, the effect also can differ, four-color printing garment tags can provide the design draft, should be submitted in the first place.

3 】 have a design draft without samples, this way is easy to handle, as long as the corresponding process is presented, which demonstrates and color standard.

4 】 no sample no design draft, so will reference substance or specified conditions, this situation is the most difficult to deal with.

Determine the process of well above, then there is proofing or cargo, the conventional proofing as long as there is the real intention of cooperation, we can provide free proofing, but involved in difficult process or knife version, we need to charge a cost, appropriate this depends on the specific items and contents, this can find our business personnel communication and customer service. Very do goods directly from the customer is, of course, we will charge 40% advance payment in advance, can arrange production, the two sides of text to express clearly, distinguish their respective responsibilities, to the quality control on the front.