What is the basic ways of jeans inspection ?

1. An overview of the

Cowboy clothing for cloth texture is thicker, darker, wear-resisting durable, is one of the manual labor is the most suitable equipment. Due to the development of The Times, cowboy clothing has been made from the past single color today after clothes after washing process, make its soft, colour and lustre is special, style bold smart casual jeans. Cowboy clothing design variable, has a fit type, and loose type with other clothing matching dress is very beautiful and comfortable, is one of the most popular international market. At present has formed a series of jeans garment fashion. Also have a breakthrough on fabric, in addition to cotton and elastic (spandex), cotton, polyester cotton, silk, viscose, etc.; On the craft that make, besides twill and plain, sanded, slub yarn, jacquard, etc.; On color, in addition to the indigo blue, and black, printing, noise, etc.

2. Make

Cowboy clothing of industrial production using the best technology, the water in a concentrated on the production line workers a variety of production equipment and its operation, the whole manufacturing process including the design of the design, specification and production process, including inspection again, row material, leather, cutting, sewing, washing, ironing, drying and plastic, and other production process.

(3) and output country of origin

(1) denim production throughout the country provinces, municipalities and villages, especially in guangdong area more concentrated. (2) cowboy clothing exports to countries has grown to more than 100 countries and regions.

Type 4.

Cowboy clothing categories are:

(1) according to the style of male, female, child long denim shorts, long skirts, jeans denim jacket, denim shirt, denim vest, denim skirts pants and dress.

(2) according to the water to wash garment wash, blue print wash, snow wash (double snowflake wash) besides, (or ground), stone stone wash rinse, rinse (light and heavy drift), enzyme, stone leaven, stone leaven rinse, dyeing washing, etc.

clothing hang tags,clothing hangtags,clothing hang tags suppliers,clothing tags suppliers,hang tags for clothing5. Inspection

(1) inspection standard: according to the contract standard, physical samples and SN/T0558-1996 “the cowboy clothing export inspection procedures”.

(2) the inspection items: cowboy clothing inspection items same as the shirt.

(3) test procedures: cowboy clothing inspection procedures the same as the shirt.

(4) quality requirements:

1) denim jacket

A. appearance: wash colour and lustre is uniform, fold the wire strands of straight, straight, no stain, no holes, symmetrical parts should be consistent; B. the collar: the collar when surface does not allow the case become warped, made straight line connection, attach the collar is not skewed, collar does not allow crepe, brought the face fabric defect; C. left sleeve: no creping made straight line, there is no hole, injury, macular, white spot, water colour and lustre is uniform, sleeve not distort; D. The same as the left sleeve right sleeve;

E. left predecessor: made straight line without the creping, bottom width is consistent, when sewing, the mouth bar tacking and firm, there are no foreign bodies residual bag, bottom elastic tension should be uniform; F. formerly same as the predecessor of the left to the right,

G. placket: button hole not allowed to take off the line or rags, buttons, there is no loose, zipper no damage, smooth, buckle with eye relative, placket length is consistent; H. garment body, bottom seam head size is consistent, soothe, bottom elastic tension should be uniform, wash water color even, without stains; I. trademark: hang with sewing, trademark, washing label, size label position accurate and correct; J. clothing: the consistence inside, there is no hole, off-line, besmirch, cuff in line and sleeve seam position; (2) the jeans

A. left legs: no obvious stain, no holes, injury, do not allow hot yellow, washing and color should be uniform, left and right leg size is consistent, the leg length is consistent, silk strand straight, legs do not distort; B. the waist head: string with location accurate, knot should be strong, waist head width is consistent, flat; C. mouth: mouth flat, made the line straight, mouth bar tacking and firm, sealed bag cloth have, there are no foreign bodies residual pockets; D. right leg and left leg;

E. crotch seam: before and after cross fork knot should be strong, before and after the crotch seam relative; F. placket: placket length is consistent, open wire connection, the front end knot location accurate, buckle with eye relative, zipper smooth, no damage; (3) denim skirt

A. overall appearance: skirt line is smooth, silk strand straight, cleaning products, water colour and lustre is uniform, no holes, iron yellow, label position right, strong; B. before the waist: string with location accurate, knot, waist head flat without the creping, waist band width is consistent, the line straight; C. side pockets: mouth bar tacking, mouth flat, made straight line, there are no foreign bodies residual bag; D. placket: placket length is consistent, zipper smooth, do not allow the eye to take off the line or rags, placket knot at the end position accurate and firm; E. skirt: before folding width is consistent, when made line straight;

F. after the waist the same as the former waist;

G. the skirt is the same as the front skirt.