What are the standard content of clothing hang tags

clothing hang tagsNational mandatory standard GB5296 · 4-1998 consumer goods instructions: textiles and clothing instructions “(hereinafter referred to as the” standard “, “on January 1, 2000, in effect, the standard rules, clothing hang tags (including water washing label, packaging, etc.) should possess the following eight items:

1, manufacturer’s name and address Requirements, it must indicate the name address and name address must be registered with the ministry of commerce and industry. Clothing imports can only indicate the origin of a product, but must be marked at the same time the agent name and address of registered in the country.

2, the product name Priority selection of national standard name, such as “men’s suits, etc.; Without rules such as standard, should choose will not cause misunderstanding or common name, the name of the such as “casual pants, etc.; Allows the use of “strange names”, “brand name”, but should be in the same place on normal name.

3, shape requirements according to the new standard with the specifications of the clothing shape, do not allow the individual to use the current “S, M, L, XL” old shape, such as specifications, the shape of the label should be according to the human body (height) and type number (bust, waist) labeling. Considering some consumers spending habits, are still allowed to at the same time with the old and new shape, but the new shape should be in the front. For example, men’s suit jacket, can press the following way annotation: 170/88 – a (M).

4, requires the use of standard fiber composition and content of fiber name, shall not use the common name and scientific name, loan words, etc; Composition of fiber is different as the different parts of the garment, should be marked respectively, such as: cotton fabrics, the filling material, the material of pure wool, 100% polyester, viscose, 100 is the correct labeling for fabrics, pure wool, filling material: 100% polyester, lining cloth: 100% viscose.

5, washing method requirements must note washing ironing method, regulations should be marked in turn washing, chlorine bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning, washing drying after five operation method of the project, provide consumers with the correct washing instructions. Washing method should be adopted standard graphic symbol, but at the same time, filling with graphic symbol corresponding to the caption. Washing the five projects should be respectively according to the following provisions note: wash: should show that can be washed; As can be washed, should clearly indicate what water way (carefully washed by hand or washing machine). Chlorine bleaching: should state can use chlorine bleach bleaching. Ironing: should state whether the ironing; If can be ironed, should indicate the ironing way (directly ironing, placemat, pressing, steam iron, etc.) and ironing temperature. Dry cleaning: should state whether the dry cleaning; Such as dry cleaning, shall indicate the type of dry cleaners. After washing dry: after washing dry way must be marked (hang to dry, air-dried, etc.).

6, the product standard number To mark the serial number of clothing standards, the express clothing to consumers, follow the production and quality standards.

7, product quality level To mark clothing belonging to a level as stipulated in the standard, such as classy article, first-rate.

8 clothing have certification, product quality certification requirements, express warranty products inspection has been cooperation to consumers. Item 3, 4, 5 above, you must use the durability, sew on the garment.