What are the process of clothing hanging tablets ?

1, from the structure said

Take clothing hanging tablets combo: hanging tablets on both sides with pressure presses pressed out after stamping, then glue besmear with on-line rope together OK the usual can do a molding, a vertical injection molding machine, once the six grain, cut it out bronzing, packing, OK, no glue, replacing surplus manpower, but also more environmentally friendly. There are three in one, four in one, are the first to use the injection molding machine to demand a few pieces of suspended particles pressed out, bronzing, then stick together.

2, from the hot stamping

A clothing hanging tablets are only a hot color, there are two kinds of hot – double gold, or gold – Multicolor

3, clothing theory for offset printing paper products. Also have screen printing of plastic products, etc..

4, offset printing principle is relatively simple, but it is good or bad machinery and equipment have a direct impact on the quality; paper processing more flexible can suspend all disposal, is easy to express the original designer of the soul.

5, clothing hanging tablets design to take into account every step of manufacturing.

(sketch) – > pattern plate – > printing paper – > after processing