What are the precautions for use clothes hangers?

Clothes hangers is necessary articles for daily use in our daily life, it is mainly used to hang clothes a shelf. Whether plastic hangers or wooden hangers, its capacity and related maintenance ways are different. So, for the hangers how to maintenance and cleaning? Please see accessories small make up to introduce relevant matters needing attention of hangers, hope to be able to bring convenience to you.

plastic clothes hangers,metal hangers,mannequin suppliers,wooden clothes hangers1, to avoid clothes hangers bear heavier clothes. When the hangers bear heavier clothing, is likely to deformation or broken. Hangers itself bear ability is not high, can only bear the weight of general clothes, if too heavy, don’t let it support, is easy to cause the damage of the hanger, will not continue to use again. And if it is damaged when hung with clothing, also easy to clothes, damage clothes, so also more serious consequences.

2, try to avoid wear and tear to the epidermis hangers. Hangers epidermis are relatively soft and vulnerable to wear and tear, and when it is worn, will affect the hangers gloss and beautiful, also easy to rust. By the wear even when the rust, if continue to used for drying clothes, also easy to make the rust was found on the hangers to dress up, damage the clothes.

3, try to avoid hangers contact with the water. Due to the hanger itself faced with water is very susceptible to corrosion and softening, is easy to residual bacteria, so for the sake of your body health, try to avoid hangers contact with the water. Normal use hangers to hang clothes, also as far as possible to moisture dry, in addition to easy corrosion hangers itself, if too much water, clothes is too heavy, also easy to cause the deformation of the hangers and broken.

This is about the clothes hanger using relevant considerations, believe that you already know how to better use of clothes hangers.