What are the components of zipper ?

Zipper component details:

1. Woven from cotton, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber flexible belt for cloth tape, chain teeth and other zipper component hosted by it;

2. The cloth edge for carrying the strengthening of metal or plastic chain tooth part is ribbed bead;

3. Among the ribbed by rope material is composed of several strands of fibre reinforcement wire rope;

4. After passed by metal, plastic and other materials processing is in the shape of a certain teeth is scoops chain tooth;

5. By the many strands of fibre line and used in production of nylon zipper teeth chain rope substance is the core filler cord;

6. Continuous arrangement of teeth is tooth chain chain;

7. The tooth chain with one side zipper chain tooth chain fixed on the cloth belt said tooth chain belt;

8. Chain belt zipper chain composed of both sides tooth chain belt mesh chain belt;

9. Check the top stop fixed on tooth chain belt, limit the tooth chain pull right head sliding out tooth chain belt stop;

10. Next stop bottom stop fixed in tooth chain belt, limit the tooth chain pull pull head sliding out tooth chain belt, and make both sides tooth chain belt cannot be completely separated from the stop;

11. Before and after the lead Back forth head tape there is no chain tooth part of the zipper cloth belt according to take the lead, the check on the end for the former take the lead, the next stop after end to take the lead;

12. (also called intubation bolt) pin separable fixed to the tail end of a zipper, to completely separate chain belt tubular parts;

13. The socket box fixed in the tail end of a zipper, retainer for entirely separate square pieces of chain belt;

14. Double split a two pin a cooperate with intubation, for double split zipper on tubular file;

15. Strengthen the tape strengthened the tape used to enhance intubation, socket and cloth tape bonding strength, improve the service life of the zipper composite sheet;

16. Pull the slider head start chain tooth meshing and the moving parts;

17. Pull puller is head of a component, it can be designed into various geometric shapes and pull head body connection or through middleware and body connection, realize the zipper open and close;

18. The connection between the pull head body and connecter connection piece in the middle of the components;