What are the basic requirement for clothing hangtags printing

Currently, traditional clothing tags, labels and tags printing enterprise production process of clothing hang tags are as follows: first, to get the orders from customers or clients, orders will be detailed specifications and contents of the tag, clothing hang tag, sometimes also provide has designed file format; Clothing labels and tags printing enterprise according to the specific requirements of the order, to carry on the design idea of, traditional printing, die cutting process, finally obtain clothing tag, clothing tag products. Due to the traditional printing has a certain print runs, if the order quantity is less than the print runs, will cause waste.

Custom Hang Tags For ClothingClothing hangtags printing digital printing machine of choose and buy, want to undertake digital printing clothing hangtag, clothing hangtag, clothing hangtag, tag printing enterprise should choose the appropriate digital printing machine. Although each clothing tag, clothing tag printing enterprise production demand is different, but basically covers the following three basic needs.

(1) can be adapted to a wide range of substrates. Digital printing machine should be able to print all kinds of paper, PET and PVC film, and even some special fabric, quantitative of substrates and the thickness also should have more broadly accept ability, so as to meet the needs of various orders.

(2) good printing quality and the performance of the color. Clothing labels, tags are small, but it has both design, text, and the variable information and barcode. If you can’t have good print quality and color performance, will not be able to meet the needs of apparel industry fashion, high quality.

Ensure the quality of basic service, digital printing machine supplier should also be able to according to the market demand changes and clothing label, tag production enterprise production needs, including variable data printing, digital security printing and finishing materials such as comprehensive printing solution.

For more than three basic requirements, in addition, clothing tag, tag printing enterprise digital printing machine when the choose and buy, should also be according to the actual situation of enterprises, the specific analysis, reasonable choose and buy.