What are the accessories of jeans ?

clothing hang tags,clothing hangtags,clothing hang tags suppliers,clothing tags suppliers,hang tags for clothingSo-called “nose” : refers to the jeans or casual pants pants, after the waist head, around each have a line, look like a “V”, much like the plane, so called the nose, the nose means among them in the line, after the transmission line after that. “side seam” is refers to the left and the right part of the lateral seam. “in the head after” and “side of the nose bone” these two size, is to illustrate the waist head on back under the two constitute a “V” of the size of the divider.

Shank button is also used in jeans and casual pants, is composed of four parts, also called snap button. Jeans are generally the knob, you look at to know…

“Ear” refers to the small loop waist head, that a few loop is to wear belts. Other parts or similar loop can also be called ear. Bag is Angle on both ends of the mouth; Fly is the button hole, used to buckle the button hole. “check” is seam allowance, the meaning of the seam allowance.

Rubber gasket is a slightly transparent white aprons, have greatly small, is playing metal shank button or button or hit nails, together with the pad in the following button at the bottom of the piece, prevent pulling clothes button when the fabric (especially some thin fabric) is broken, have buffer reinforcement effect, there are a lot of work better with jeans on the play button.