What are some of the printing paper bag edge features

Paper bag is the most common and one of the most environmental protection bag, because the state advocates environmental protection and energy saving, and for the use of plastic bags to limit, so the paper bag become the packaging to be bestowed favor on newly, then the paper bag printing also gradually became popular, people want their handbags is not only practical, and beautiful, so it will need to use the paper bag printing process. Then the paper bag printing what advantage compared with other material?

paper bags manufacturersProfessional personage points out, paper bag printing became the mainstream market, the most mainly because it touched the light of “environmental protection” two characters. As is known to all, paper bag is the inevitable outcome of the green environmental protection. And there are many different kinds of paper bag printing, which includes both relatively thick white cardboard, embossing paper and coated paper, matte coated paper, also includes the toughness of kraft paper, kraft paper, offset paper, etc.

Compared with other bag printing, paper bag printing is the biggest advantage of printing process of mature, simply in the paper surface gloss film or inferior smooth film, can make bag has the function of moisture, durable and more delicate. And in the printing, paper on ink natural adsorption also facilitate color and solid color, won’t fade easily like non-woven fabric. It is important to note that the paper bag printing design of the front side of the main graphic in crease place, to avoid the side a few crease line into the parts of the together, it is best not to have a graphic, otherwise, the crease effect to it.