What are hanging grain process

1, say from structure

For clothing grain of epoxy resin, the first hanging grain on both sides with again after hot stamping pressure molding machine, and then coated with glue, plus cord OK the usual can do a molding, there is a kind of vertical injection molding machine, one out of six, cut it up, hot stamping, packed with respect to OK, need not glue, revoke redundant staff, and more environmental protection. And triad, four one, is to use injection molding machine pressed pieces hanging grain demand, hot stamping, and stick together.

clothing hang tags,clothing hangtags,clothing hang tags suppliers2, from tipping said

A clothing bead have hot only a kind of color, also have very hot two – double gold, or more – of multicolor gold

3, clothing in theory for the offset printing paper products. Also have a silk screen printing plastic products, etc.

4, offset printing principle is relatively simple, but the stand or fall of machinery and equipment is directly affect the quality. Paper processing more flexible and various disposal may suspend, easy to express the spirit of the original stylist.

5, clothing design is thinking to make each step.

Design (picture) – > plate — – > > printing paper — > after processing