Tips for applying iron on clothing labels

  All iron on labels will have slightly different application times, depending on the type of adhesive that is used on the reverse. All of our clothing labels come with complete instructions and helpful tips, but we thought it would be useful to share some of our advice on how to effectively apply iron on clothing labels here.


1,To begin with, make sure that your item of clothing is suitable for an iron on label. Smooth surfaces are the best as the glue will be able to adhere to all the fibers in the fabric and therefore stay on. If you have a knitted or fleece item, a sew on labels would be best.
2,Start with a firm surface such as an ironing board, or sturdy table. (Remember, if you are using a table, you will need to put a piece of heat-proof cloth between the item and the surface.)
3,Turn your iron to very warm/hot. (All iron temperatures vary so it is best to start with warm and heat the iron up if necessary.)
4,Make sure that the steam setting is NOT engaged. (The moisture from steam can dilute the glue, and therefore the label will not adhere correctly.)
5,Once the label is in position on the garment, place the iron directly on top and following the timing directions. We recommend trying to use the center part of the iron as the heat is most evenly distributed there. (It can be tempting to use just the tip or edge of an iron, but sometimes the iron is not hot enough at those points to effectively melt the glue.)

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