Three trends of Chinese garment industry

clothing hang tagsBig clothing enterprise engaged in brand construction, small garment enterprises to immediate interests

Brand is the soul of the enterprise and the existence and development of core power. Consumers to the brand identity, means that companies can spend less cost to products and services with stronger competitiveness, in order to gain more market share. After 2015 years of sweep, after 2016 years of Chinese clothing industry, large enterprises will pay more attention to the brand influence, in particular the fight after years of market and thus has a certain influence enterprise of the industry; And small businesses as a result of the limitation of their situation, and many other factors, the problem of “existence” is even more urgent, so the desire for immediate interests will be more and more strong.

For those who have the ability to aggressive enterprise brand construction, brand construction is the foundation of culture, the core is the product design, to provide product contains unique enterprise culture symbol, with the linkage effect of the brand that prompted the benefit of the enterprise goals to achieve. And brand construction of specific measures, the enterprise operation form also each are not identical. Such as sewing equipment industry leading enterprises in Shanghai and the eagle science and technology, in addition to the regular brand construction way, recently is organizing the “visit Japan, cherry blossoms” of the 1500 people Tours, with nearly a week around Osaka, Nagasaki, etc, with a visual feast, begun in 2016, the first service brand construction in the New Year. On the surface, seems to be just “selves”, in fact also rose to expand partners and staff horizons, to enhance the role of enterprise cohesion, this way as a very important way in the construction of enterprise brand, got the favour of many group companies in recent years.

Clothing private ordering more hot

Although at present domestic clothing custom-made private market is not mature, there are a lot of problems to be solved, such as, let the consumer more and more tend to accept and enjoy online custom service takes time. Customer experience the satisfaction of the need to improve, make consumers through online customized effect has been achieved, to minimize the size and color is not in conformity with the and so on lead to repeated modification; Online service is one of the characteristics of rapid response, and online clothing customization, rapid response to customer customization requirements, not only need to enterprise itself, also need a supplier can change thinking mode, so that the supply chain rapid response ability get promoted, efficient operation.

However, because of the coming of the era of the Internet has changed the people actually all aspects of life, in the field of clothing, the rapidness of the pursuit of personalized and consumption trend is more and more obvious. Because of this, the advantages of online custom clothing will gradually emerge. Online customization, relatively easy to gather customers, service is not limited by space and time, decrease of the intermediate links to reduce the operating costs, the price has a natural advantage, also more can meet the personalized needs. So in 2016, with the progress of the related technology and the improvement of the market, clothing customization this cake will cause each big clothing brand competition. And, in fact, many brands in this area had already started. Dayang creation to provide clients with tailored, roll out “customization service” C; Bono C2B in Tmall on-line customization business, consumer can be quantity body online booking; Nike “Nike” platform to help designers to design more relevant consumer demand of products; Us Internet man underwear brand Mack Weldon achieved 200% of total revenue in 2014 and user growth… Some well-known brands such as bono, have launched a layout in the field of private online ordering.

The Internet, smart technology impact on industry more intense

For garment industry, the Internet and smart technology is actually a nested together as a whole, because the clothing of intelligent manufacturing technology is also need to merge the Internet related technologies, such as large data such as Internet, Internet remote monitoring, real-time data transmission technology, the technology integration and the generated after clothing clothing production overall scheme, intelligent, informatization has been many a line of clothing enterprises are adopted, and in the industry for the path to the future of the clothing enterprises.

From the perspective of a specific case in 2015, alibaba “double 11” turnover of nearly 90 billion yuan, is twice as many as in 2014. “Double 11” this seems to be electricity with Internet hype out global shopping festival, now has become a worldwide carnival, it is worth noting that the “double 11” clinch a deal the goods mainly for apparel goods. Of course Internet invasion of garment industry not only reflect on the “double 11”.

In spite of the Internet to the clothing industry (and other industries), is not necessarily as part of the Internet thinking fanatic’s vaunted so huge, but the Internet does give the traditional garment industry provides a new business model, and garment industry to rationally define the Internet, especially as the “Internet” model in the application of many clothing brands have also made a lot of successful precedent, we have reason to believe that garment industry to full application of the “Internet” model is the inevitable trend. But garment industry application “Internet” model, and can not be simply interpreted as in jingdong or open a shop on taobao, it should be a kind of brand-new thinking mode, namely on the premise of the tools, make full use of the Internet, to make better use of Internet and related technology, make the garment production and service efficiency, quality, more in line with the “4.0” industrial intelligent, informatization of production requirements. For example. ZARA’s reflexes and efficient supply chain system, from design to sell clothes on the counter in the shortest time only need 7 days, while China’s garment industry generally is 6 ~ 9 months, the international famous brand for 120 days. ZARA’s own nine garment factory, from the new planning to production factory, the fastest can be completed within a week. If the acknowledgment, you will find, ZARA can achieve rapid response, decisive influence its dependence on smart clothing manufacturing technology is also predictable