Those misunderstandings about jeans

jeans hang tags1: as long as the figure is good, really good-looking what to wear jeans

This is heard saying most, whether consumers or businesses, people with this knowledge, have quite proportion. But the expert opinion, said this man is a one hundred percent of cattle blind (people who have no basic cognitive in jeans). Jeans wear in the body very not good-looking, mainly decided by two factors, one is in itself, the second type of jeans is the edition design and suitable size, which version of the design is the main factor. Many people think that jeans is only good, good people in person or is out of shape wear what kind of jeans is not pretty, this is totally wrong. Version to design good, jeans has a good effect of cultivate one’s morality. On the version of the type design, have a fit body good people, have a fit body fat people, slender people wear a suitable figure, have a fit ass man. Many people still don’t understand “jeans is pick people wear” this word is what meaning, it is about people of different figure, often have the most suited to its version, and different brand, on the version of the design is also have their own characteristics, if people will be wearing jeans, usually find a version of the type is best for her brand. Type a pair of jeans, if do not good, especially in some of the key position of the work piece size design is not good, no matter how, is wearing a figure it must be very uncomfortable, also can’t achieve the result of the body, on different parts will appear many too tight, too loose, the phenomenon such as crease, seriously affect the appearance. Good version to add material, it not only close-fitting, comfortable and beautiful shape curve. A nice man, put on their version of jeans, is indeed there are endless, but this is mainly because a good version. Similarly, it is not so ideal figure of a girl, if you can put on for their version of jeans, the effect of cultivate one’s morality is immediate.

2: jeans just style look good

Jeans, the main function of except meet in its leg buttock function of cultivate one’s morality is dangerous. Jeans and a very special clothing at the same time, it’s a long service life, and there are more old more valuable, more wash more beautiful characteristics, and to meet these requirements, by the immanent quality of jeans (fabrics, version type, water washing and workmanship) rather than style. If a pair of jeans inner quality is bad, don’t even fit wearing uncomfortable, also cannot achieve the effect of cultivate one’s morality, light good there’s no point in style, not to mention it to reach the effect of the more old more valuable. Design beautiful can let a good inner quality jeans are the icing on the cake, but leave the inner quality of design, there is no value. , in fact, since the birth of jeans for more than one hundred years, the classic jeans style is very simple, but the inherent quality is absolutely unambiguous.

3: according to the style, price and brand to judge the quality of the jeans rather than internal quality

How the quality of your a pair of jeans, it is mainly determined by the intrinsic quality, but many consumers including let stores, because the immanent quality of jeans is a lack of basic understanding, usually all with style, price or the brand as the center, and ignores the immanent quality of jeans, but the fact of the value of the jeans, entirely by fabric, version type, wash water, these inner quality workmanship to reflect. And style, usually is not a quality category, and it belongs only to personal preference, different regions, the style preferences vary widely, and at home and abroad on the style of be fond of is more to the point of oil and water don’t melt. Also, many consumers because of excessive superstition premium brands, simple think price is high or the jeans with high brand awareness is a certain quality is high, it is just as well be some just do branding and neglect the enterprise get the good product quality. Clothing industry, cheap goods is not good, but the price is not high quality. A good pair of jeans, first of all have to have a good inner quality, on the premise of guaranteed quality, fashion style, can make the value of a pair of jeans is higher.

4: imported jeans quality is better than in domestic production

I don’t see quality plus…… psychology at work, many consumers will think the same brand of imported jeans, quality must be better than in domestic production. But in fact is how? Now internationally renowned brands, cowboy is essentially outsourcing production (in the United States is not a production workshop), the work may not be better than in domestic production. China’s pearl river delta, the production with many international famous brands around the world (seen a story seems to account for 60%), and that in itself is the recognition of our processing quality. So on the processing quality, other countries may not be better than we do. And there are some brand is imported fabrics, fabrics, but imports, the fabric is good? Every year, many enterprises in our country have a large number of denim fabrics are exported to Europe and the United States developed countries, in these so-called imported fabrics, and how much is actually authentic Chinese production, no one to be told. After I go to see at least some international brand, is found in the domestic processing of pants, although the price will be lower than the so-called original installation import, but no matter from fabric, wash water to Turner, actually do is better than the original installation import! So don’t be frightened by origin, don’t be the price control, learn to rational consumption for each consumer, is quite important.