The source of clothes hangers ?

In 1947, the entrepreneur and inventor Walter Steiner clothes-horse “Stewi”.

This dryer is a able to fold and rotating stents, stent is composed of 60 meters clothesline.

You can easily transfer empty the clothesline to come, don’t have to go for a walk or mobile garment basket.

Stewi in 58 years ago to market and sell very well.

Although today is the age of drying machine, dryer still have a place in the market, annual sales of more than 40000.

Not only so, Stewi is widely recognized by single, young people.

Who has villa also rushed to the backyard garden leave a space for the dryer.h3

And that is by a man named Albert parker house workers invention under fire. When he was one of the wire and the state of Michigan small hand-made products factory chimney, the blacksmith. One day he found that the factory cloakroom coat hanger has been all take, he took out a lead wire of storms, bent into the shape of a coat shoulder and add on the hook. The invented by his boss for your own and patented. This is the origin of the hangers.