The six characteristics of the lace

Lace very ancient history, it is not just a simple decorative supplies, and already and garments’ integral design be in harmony are an organic whole. Here we introduce in detail the types of lace and features:

lace1. Pure cotton woven lace (torchon lace) :

Clean cotton LACES because pattern, pattern transformation is convenient, the production batch without too many restrictions, so has extensive application in the clothing. Early cotton lace is mostly hand-made products, such as shuttle lace, wooden stick lace, etc. Here we are referring to is refers to the use of pure cotton woven lace cotton knitting machine woven lace type disk. For pure cotton lace have a more clear understanding, we have here a brief introduction of two kinds of knitting lace.

Is a kind of tool for shuttle shuttle lace knitting lace. Also known as grid lace. Popular in Europe in the 15th century, especially in Britain, France, Germany’s most famous. Shuttle lace weaving process is: first line the ball made of bone or metal shuttle of the cavity; Then, from the shuttle the holes at the top of the line head, left thumb and index finger tight knead thrum, right hand manipulation of shuttle, through threading, circle knot, buckle lock technique, such as programmable form all sorts of design of lace.

Jealousy (dobbin lace lace) in small wooden wooden stick for coiling tools, such as cotton, hemp yarn hand woven lace. Also known as the bobbin lace. Wooden stick lace was Europe’s traditional handmade lace. It is by the knitting technology development. Wooden stick lace production processes have the following: (1) the lace drawings on the disc MATS. (2) the metal pins punctured in the design of each part, at a fixed position and direction of the bend. (3) in about 10 cm long, diameter of about 10 mm small wooden stick the upper bound with cotton thread, pull the thread, fixed in certain parts of the drawings. Show the number of according to the specifications and design of the product, less is more than 10, more than more than 100. (4) with a small wooden stick hand, according to the design shape, with pins for protection; Will be twisted, tangled, thread woven lace. Different pattern, we should use the different weaving techniques. Artists wooden stick, a large number of fingers manipulating the roll around, jumping up and down, step by step, changing location, to weave all sorts of design. Weaving techniques are plain weave, weave, thin woven, knit, etc. 5. Pull pins, from the lace on the MATS will be removed, after finishing, monolithic becomes lace. As in our country cotton lace is developed on the basis of the wooden stick lace a mechanical lace.

Pure cotton knitting machine, also called disc machine, the main specifications have 64 pounds, 96 pounds and 128 pounds of three models. The working principle of disc machine is nail type knitting, it to cotton as the main raw material, of course the mechanical part can also be woven fiber other varieties of lace.

2. Crochet lace

We have used crochet machine, crochet machine) production of lace crochet lace, this machine is used to weave lace, tassels, elastic and other narrow fabric warp knitting fabric. Tassel a prolapse with colorful feathers or made of silk and other heads of grain, is often used in the place such as stage clothing skirt hem.

3. The warp knitting lace

By warp knitting lace warp knitting machine woven, it is an important aspect of knitting lace. Using 33.3 77.8 dtex (30-70 denier nylon yarn, polyester yarn, viscose rayon as raw materials, commonly known as warp knitted nylon lace. Its production process is the latch needle use warp knitting, thread stripping comb control by the weave pattern, after setting processing on the lace. Bottom organization usually use tulle, alone the weaving. Grey cloth after bleaching, setting the slitting machine, slitting width generally in more than 10 mm. Can also be woven into a variety of striped checked, there is no pattern of lace. This kind of lace is characterized by thin texture, thin, mesh transparent, colour and lustre is gentle, but more wash easy deformation. Mainly used for clothing, hats, table cloth and so on frills. Warp knitting lace the main raw material ingredient for polyamide (nylon), according to whether or not to use spandex elastic fibers and warp knitted elastic lace and warp knitted elastic lace. At the same time, adding some rayon, nylon by dyeing processing (double) can get more color lace effect.

4. The embroidery lace

Embroidery embroidery. It is in a very long period of history by the world countries gradually crafts, embroidery lace can be divided into two categories, and hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge, is in the hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge lace varieties developed on the basis of the production.

In all ethnic groups have a very unique colors and designs. Chinese embroidery has a long history, occupies an important position in the national traditional arts and crafts. Hand embroidered side is our country traditional manual craft, production efficiency is low, embroidery lines often prone to uneven phenomenon, between the embroidery will be uneven. But, for the pattern is too complex, color is more, take back to the long lace is not the hand, and hand embroidered side full of stereo feeling more than machine embroidery. In our country, hand embroidery has a long history, in addition to the four Chinese famous embroidery embroidery, hunan embroidery, shu embroidery, yue embroidery, and Chinese embroidery, lu embroidery, embroidered, floss, qin, li embroidery, shen, excellent skills and ethnic minorities such as embroidery. About embroidery we in later chapters will introduce, here basically is the embroidery lace.

Adopting automatic machine embroidery lace embroidery machine needlework, namely in jacquard organization under the control on the grey cloth strip patterns, high production efficiency. All kinds of fabric of raw material can be used as the embroidered cloth, but in the majority with thin fabric, cotton fabric with cotton and man-made effect is best. Have small machine embroidery and big machine embroidery, and is most common in large machine embroidery. Large effective embroidery machine embroidery lace length of 13.7 meters (15 yards), on the 13.5 m long fabric embroidery, can be made full of embroidered or cropped to lace. According to different requirements can adopt different embroidered cloth, to produce different kinds of lace, water soluble lace lace, cotton lace, tc lace, mesh cloth and all kinds of gauze of sliver lace, etc. Pattern can be adjusted freely according to need. 2 bw. Megx machine embroidery is one of the categories of embroidery lace, water soluble lace it with water soluble nonwoven cloth, embroidery thread for viscose filament, through computer embroidery machine rust on the cloth, then through hot water treatment to make water soluble nonwoven cloth melted, stereoscopic lace. It can make strip with special shapes according to the requirement of design, which is widely used in clothing collar and the adornment of the bra. Embroidery machine with the installation of more color selection automatically change color, can be monochrome machine embroidery can also be multi-color machine embroidery. Generally spend up to 650 ㎜ back, lace width above 10 ㎜, after off the plane after opening the final processing. With delicate embroidered lace pattern is various, needlework, uniform neat, image lifelike, full of artistic feeling and stereo feeling. At present, our country machine embroidery origin mainly in shandong, guangdong and zhejiang region west. Machine embroidery production with high efficiency, low cost, has been used widely by most manufacturers.

After long time of development, more and more kinds of embroidery lace, with special embroidery lace, tc shall dribbling embroidery, lace, striped embroidery lace, water soluble embroidery, printing, embroidery lace, embroidery lace, hollow out, gold and silver coloured embroidery lace, lace, embroidery lace, dye dyeing, embroidery lace, embroidery lace, of edge applique embroidery lace, embroidery lace, beads lace, etc.