The new trend of clothes buttons accessories market

Clothes button is indispensable to clothing skeleton, it determines the garment quality of high and low, to improve the level of clothing plays an important role, can fully reflect the personality of each kind of clothing styles, clothing buttons configuration is the nods eyeball pen of clothing is necessary. Clothes buttons belong to link class materials, with the change of the people life style as well as the improvement of living standards, the quality of the clothes button requirements gradually increase.

resin button,shell buttonIn recent years, Europe and the United States and other developed countries puts forward strict requirements on the quality of the garment accessories. As for clothes buttons, European countries in the standard strength of material in the manufacture of clothes buttons put forward higher requirements than before, on the other hand the clothes button the environmental indicators are very strict requirements. At the same time, people in the process of using clothes buttons more and pursue it beautification function, the adornment of the clothes button function is more outstanding, personalized trend of clothes buttons is more and more obvious.

All of these trends change on button production enterprises put forward higher technical requirements and stronger ability of product design requirements, all of these benefits has obvious technological advantages to the business development of the enterprise. From the analysis on product categories, over the next several years, imitation gold imitation silver buttons, metal buttons, environmentally friendly buttons, resin buttons loops of laser engraving, special effects button, and button such as high strength will get rapid development. In terms of marketing, with the gradually expand the scale of the modern garment enterprises, garment enterprises of complementary makings enterprise collectivization many varieties of supply ability is higher and higher demands are proposed, which requires the material production enterprises with larger scale of production, can provide the high quality of products and more varieties of products. In the popular trend is especially important in the following two kinds:

Metal button has become the leading products Especially by the precious metals, imitation of precious metals (such as 18 k gold plating, silver plating, etc.) will become the focus of the auxiliary materials procurement clothing company. Gem buttons will be used to match line to high-end fashion; And avoid sewing buttons is means there is no seam, and directly by the buttons on the belt loops of some additional devices are connected in the clothing, the button will be widely used in all kinds of casual clothes. Function buttons, is a high-tech new buttons, in addition to have the effect of the connection clothing, also a divergent fragrance, medicinal therapy, such as energy storage luminescent unexpected features. These materials will be in the clothing at the same time, the performance of towards high-tech, functional, health care and the direction of the development of green environmental protection.

Children’s clothing buttons now rise in 2006, children’s wear enterprises face the opportunities and the critical period of development, the overall rise in production, and in the next few years children’s wear industry will increase at an annual rate of 8% to 10%, children’s clothing market consumption demand will present a steadily rising trend and the sustainable development of the situation. And children’s wear form a complete set of buttons will be a very big development space, children’s clothing buttons pay attention to quality, security, environmental protection. Fully pay attention to the child’s needs, accurate positioning, dislocation competition, the good faith management to sustainable development.

The challenge of garment accessories market exists

Rising prices of raw materials Due to metal prices start rising since the beginning of the raw materials, especially the copper material, cause a lot of trouble for garment accessories manufacturers. The elasticity of supply and demand elasticity of copper is lower, this is the price of the show is the important reason for the slump in boom, refined copper market supply also showed the characteristics of monopoly, so even if the prices for it can’t improve soon. Under the influence of base metals in potential rise, make accessories manufacturers of rising production costs, the future quarter is still not too optimistic, so the brand clothing manufacturers to become the direct effect, had to make adjustments in clothing prices.

Rising labor costs in coastal 2006, especially in guangdong and other places in the labor market, wages rise, and so on and so forth. After the Spring Festival talent appear serious shortage of labor, only pay rise rate can attract more labor, so manufacturers from all walks of life to after the salary rise also increased the burden on cost.

Button accessories production enterprise strategy

, committed to the development of product design and development category

Button is not a high-tech product, but it requires, classic fashion, beauty, also requires that meet the needs of multi-function, namely environmental protection, safety, and use function, on the production technology has entered a more advanced stage, people are increasingly affecting the production of all aspects of life. Ago, the average person’s understanding of the buttons stay only in terms of decoration, button is actually the entire clothing and the influence of the brand.

Should pay attention to in product design and development – innovation: the button is a small accessories, but indispensable; A fine design appropriate can increase the value of the clothing. In recent years, customers are thirst for innovation design, and we do not only depend on customer order requirements processing style, more to provide their own new product design and produce trendy new products to increase market competitiveness. Another top grade product orders are relatively less, so the producers have to maintain high flexibility to handle products production, to meet the market requirement change, use different materials, such as alloy with nylon or of gold, and become a new effect to the buyer more options and make subtle transformation form innovation influence.