The knowledge of the lace

    Lace the earliest was organized by hand-made by crochet mesh. 18 th-century European front man’s collar and sox along also used lace decoration. Europe and the United States people dress in wedding dress and evening dress with the most. In the romantic fashion popular with kerry Mr Lin and searle period of women’s clothing. Artistic style in the 20th century fashion update began to regress, more than 200 years since the demand for lace in Europe and North America increasing, many countries for their production of handmade lace, of course including China. Shanghai xujiahui area was once in the 19th century and the 20th century in raw production of important areas. At this point was also the last peak, adornment to later on women’s children’s wear, evening wear or dress still occupies an important position, but in the s of the 20th century has not experienced the gold period of lace. China in the early 80 s, the lace again frequently appeared in front of people. With the new fashion appearance. And a transparent outfit and perspective of gradually popular. All of a sudden became the star of the fashion industry. In women’s dress, never make the finishing point of the role. Lace always seems to be linked with romantic, pity is expensive, the layer cascade folds with lace knot knot, is still a favorite woman heart. The soft dream, like a woman life is always done dream. Lace, originated in the 16th century Europe, widely used in the luxury textile decoration. At the beginning of his production process is very complex, it is not like traditional hook or embroidery, and book according to the design effect with silk thread or yarn knitting, the need when making the silk rao on each small spindle. Each spindle is the size of the thumb. A less complicated design need dozens of little spindle or nearly so, again big some design requires hundreds of small hooks. When making the pattern in the following, according to the design using different weaving, knot, etc to make.

lace    From the traditional to the last century, lace, knots and around to the mechanization development now. And mechanical chain piece of knitting lace machine, greatly enriched the types of lace and pattern. Its USES are from clothing decoration extended to various fields such as home decoration and decorations, and rapidly increasing demand, product varieties more rich, the rapid development of industry promoted the lace.

    Lace starts late in our country, in the 1980 s, weaving lace machine mainly imported from foreign, in the early 1990 s, the characteristics of guangzhou and zhejiang area to absorb the foreign machine, combined with domestic actual situation, the independent research and development the first lace machine in our country, and through the shenzhen a lace factory as a pilot unit. From then on, the end of the lace machine problems which need to be imported in our country.

     In the 2000 years later, the lace production is gradually from mechanical chain piece of knitting lace machine to make the transition to computer lace machine. The emergence of computer lace machine and lace industry a revolutionary change. It overcome the chain piece of knitting lace machine complex production process, to adopt advanced computer control, strengthening the automation of the scale of production, save time, improve efficiency.