The functions and requirements of clothing tag

Clothing tags can be seen everywhere in our daily life, now it’s time to learn about the function and requirements of clothing tags!!

hang tags for clothing,custom clothing hang tagsClothing tags function: 1, clothing tags as certificate, indicate the product name, standards, the article number, composition, grade, inspection, and so on. 2, the tags can promote enterprise, on the printing enterprise name, Logo, brand, address, phone, clothing tags as one of the companies advertising.

Clothing tags requirements: first, clothing tags is concise, unique, rectangular, circular, triangle, folded shape, bag, and other special modelling, garment tags. Second, garment tags from the point of view of quality of a material, the production of clothing tags material mostly paper, also with plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood… In recent years, clothing tags with holographic anti-counterfeiting materials emerged in the new tags. To reflect the quality of a material of brand clothing is excellent, unique, clothing tags is fastidious the choice of materials, such as using a credit card is qualitative, clothing tags through special craft processing of wood paper, etc. Again, garment tags from process point of view, using the same as the credit card, VIP card of the production process, beautifully printed, high-grade, exquisite craftsmanship. Finally, from the point of view of colour, the colour of clothing tags and contribute to the overall packing colors of clothing, clothing tags that can show the taste and style of the clothing. Therefore, clothing tags of brand value is the integrated embodiment of its design and printing.