The discrimination method of the quality of clothing label

woven labels suppliersAs the understanding of the clothing label in the long run, much experience, so how to distinguish between the clothing label is good or bad

1: look at clothing label design text whether there are any errors, the size of the logo of size is correct. Get a woven label, the first is to look at the patterns and text content is there any errors, of course, this kind of low-level mistakes is generally at the time of the sample is out of sight, when the finished goods to customers won’t appear this kind of mistake. Then is to see the pattern that clothing label weaving mosquito is fine. Each of the graphic and the original or the original image are the same, that means the clothing label is very successful, because it can from the graphic has reached the customer’s requirements. If in the graphic above can let the customer get the ideal effect, so the clothing label is unqualified, this is a defective goods, to the customer is not the individual is willing to accept defective goods.

Clothing woven label is not only a graphic to achieve customer’s requirements, also need to meet customer requirements on size, clothing label itself is very small, the size of the pattern to be accurate to 0.05 mm, sometimes if the larger 0.05 mm, then the clothing label and comparison of the original is lost. So a for a small clothing label, just want to in the graphic above to meet customer demand, to meet customer on size.

2: look at the color of the clothing label, color is usually choose color pantone color. Inside this color control is control the pantone color number of the original color or design draft, color color number, small make up feel have nothing to special specifications, can only rely on personal sense to judge.

3: is watching the density of clothing label. Clothing label refers to the density of weft density, weft density is higher, the higher the quality of the clothing label. Weft density refers to the cm range of the number of yarn in the woven label. If the yarn is fine, woven garment label is more fine, fine clothing label, brand is very high, belongs to high-grade woven label, specializing in the production of this kind of fine high-end clothing label.

4: see label process after processing. After working procedures generally have eagerly (hot knife cutting), super cut (ultrasonic cutting), and cut off (cut one by one, both sides in the fold after 0.7 CM), folded in half (fold symmetry and), ring die (is a square woven label into an irregular pattern shape, such as woven chapter is this, is to quit it with a knife or laser gun open one by one model), a plasma (is put the label in the slurry bucket with milky white light, make clothing label after drying or air drying, such as clothing label above water after dry, woven label becomes stiffer), side whipstitch (is corresponding to the four side of the woven label blockade, prevent loose edge in the future).

After the process to determine whether clothing label after processing link. Where is the customer request to choose after a process, whether to process after processing requirements, such as eager to achieve positive don’t cut the hand clothing label. Super cut loose edge. Fold to need 2 sides to tidy, can’t skewed. Folded need is symmetrical, not a long a short. Must quit mode according to the design to cut, can’t cut to the pattern. A plasma process after some customers asked the pulp, clothing label can’t be too hard, you need to put the pulp slurry personnel less, put more water, slurry water dilute. Overlock is can’t let lock line lock to the pattern.