The correct way of washing the down jacket

down jacket labels,down jacket labels,down jacket labelsEvery winter, all kinds of down jacket began to appear, very warm, but how to wash down jacket was a nuisance, want to continue nice warm down coat is not very simple, what is the most simple way to wash down jacket?

The next… Attention!!!!! Down jacket in the poultry feather for protein fiber, if use soap or washing powder cleaning (can’t use with enzyme washing powder), because it has strong alkaline, cost down jacket soft, elastic and glossy, become dry, hard and ageing, shorten service life of the down jacket.

Seam must be washed by hand in the down jacket inside, there is a small label with maintenance and washing instructions, careful people have found that 90% of the down jacket to hand washing, dry cleaning of avoid by all means, because the dry cleaning with the potion will affect the warmth, also can make cloth ageing.

Machine wash and dry, screwed down jacket, easily lead to uneven filling, make clothing contorts, affect beautiful and warmth retention property. 30 degrees water rinse down jacket first into the cold water for 20 minutes, let down jacket inside and outside the full moist.

The detergent into 30 degrees in warm water, then put down jacket in the soaking a quarter of an hour, and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse with warm water, can be conducive to detergent fully dissolved in water, rinse the cleaner can make the down jacket.

Use detergent concentration too high if not must wash down jacket with washing powder, usually two basin into 4 to 5 TBSP water washing powder advisable, if the concentration is too high, difficult to rinse clean, feather in the residue of washing powder, can affect the volume of feather, greatly reduce the warmth retention property.

It is best to use neutral detergent neutral detergent for cloth and down minimum damage, alkaline detergents, if you don’t net rinse, residual detergents can cause damage to the down jacket, and easy to leave white marks in the surface of clothes, affect beautiful.

Remove residual alkaline detergent, can be in after rinse twice, in warm water to join the two small spoon vinegar, will immerse down jacket for a while then rinse, vinegar can neutralize alkaline detergent.

Cannot twist dry wash down jacket, cannot twist dry, should be the moisture extrusion, and tile or hang to dry, prohibit exposure, don’t be ironed, so as not to burn clothing. After dry, can gently, make down jacket fluffy soft recovery.