The content of the zipper quality management knowledge

1, zipper quality management project

(1) the specification and model of the zipper

Zipper specification refers to two even tooth occlusal tooth chain width size and size range, the unit of measurement is mm, the zipper specifications is on the basis of the various components of the shape size, is most characteristic of critical dimensions. The type of zipper is an important reflection of shape, structure and performance characteristics. The model not only contains the specification requirements of the zipper, but also reflects the performance characteristics of the zipper, that is, the technical parameters of the zipper and the use of function.

(2) the strength of the zipper

The strength of the zipper is the most important performance indicators, determine the scope of use and durability of the zipper, the zipper standard in various countries, there is a clear rule of strength, but also to detect the quality of the basis of zipper. Different specifications of the zipper has different strength for different purposes, the zipper supplier will generally give a specification model and the use of reference selection. The specification and type of the zipper must be in conformity with the requirements of the use, once confirmed, its specifications must be in conformity with the requirements of the order.

(3) chain length of pull

The length of the zipper is related to the size of the closed body or part of the garment and garment, which is the most important dimension. Zipper length measuring method is: the zipper flat on flat platen the in a natural state, using a steel ruler from drew the amount to the top of the head, to stop the mouth of the outer end, separating zipper is amount to the socket of the outer end of the.

Zipper in the production process, due to the inertia of the equipment as well as considering the integrity of the teeth, zipper length allowed to have deviation, but in a certain range.

(4) the flatness of the zipper

Zipper flatness testing method: take finished zipper a, flat on the bedplate of the equitable, so that it is in the state of nature, then with your fingers along both sides of the chain tooth edge back and forth a move, with straightedge gradually to bend closer, and then use another ruler take chain teeth feet and ruler between distance, this distance is flatness.

(5) the color of the zipper and zipper belt

Zipper, zipper belt colors must meet the confirmation sample card back to confirm the sample, if the request with the body color, and fabric again check and check with zipper color difference, the same batch of zipper color difference, the general should be above the GRADE3.

(6) the appearance of the zipper

1 zipper flatness and smoothness: the zipper is in a natural sagging state, no wave back bending.

2 zipper chain teeth: injection zipper teeth bright, central without depression, no missing teeth, metal chain teeth arranged neatly, not skew, no broken teeth chain, teeth good teeth.

3 injection zipper color: color uniformity, bright bright, no color difference.

4 zipper glue: adhesive zipper with symmetrical positions, no skew, glue at repeated 10 times through 180 degrees continuously.

5. Pull head: electroplating pull head coating is bright, can not afford to skin, no foreign body scratches, coating thickness not less than 3um, paint, spray the pull head surface bright color, coating evenly and firmly, no bubble, without dead angle defect.

(7) the function of zipper

The following operation can be carried out to ensure the function of the slide fastener is good.

Pull the pull head to move back and forth, pull the head sliding smooth, flexible, no beating or stop feeling. Pay special attention to pull head in check, check and Jack boot without obstacles.

Flip flip flap flexible pull in a range of 180 degrees.

Insertion into the seat or pull the plug, flexible barrier.

Opened two zipper teeth, angle 60 or so, pull force speed is moderate, if pull head does not glide, said pull head self-locking good otherwise said, no self – lock, or lock strong enough, will pull the plane of the vertical flap Yuvraj body to lift the cap cover and solid.

(8) special performance requirements

1 color fastness: General requirements for connecting 80 DEG C soaked in hot water for 15 minutes, and it is compared to more than 4 level.

2: hand washing shrinkage shrinkage zipper is not greater than 3%, dry shrinkage is not greater than 3%.

3. Resistance to organic solvents: the zipper dip in the temperature 20+/-2 degrees Celsius recorded ethylene solution for 2 hours, let it dry naturally, opening and closing the zipper to maintain the original function.

4. The metal coating resistance corrosion resistance: in 3% of the record of sodium, after 180 minutes after remove the natural drying, visually without rust.

5 does not contain toxic or harmful substances.

2, zipper strength test

There are many kinds of methods to measure the strength of zipper, but the basic strength requirements can be tested by several methods, and the results of these tests can be used to determine the quality of the zipper.


(1) pull strength test

Flatwise tensile strength are strong indicators of the most basic, and test zipper teeth in interlock state, the ability to resist lateral forces, which and the actual use of the very similar.

(2) top check strength test

Zipper teeth interlock, and pull head pull to upper rabbet, dragging the pull head, then you can check measuring zipper strength, this is to simulate the zipper in the holding state, pull head over the upper stop pull off or put on from the rib of the mobile belt resist external.

(3) test for down – check strength

Pull the pull to the lower end, pull the teeth are divided into about two parts, pull the left and right side of the chain can be measured under the force of the damage is destroyed, as well as the measurement of the strength of the internal components.

(4) – strong split test

External damage resistance test cotter of the connecting tube and socket, fixture respectively fixed cotter of the left and right side, pull in the closed case, began to start the machine.

(5) the test of the strength of the pull head locking force

The pulling head is locked in the middle of the connecting teeth, and the zipper chain teeth are divided into two parts, the left and the right two parts, and the zipper of the left and the right parts.

(6) Foshay’s flap combined with strong test

In the direction of vertical Yuvraj valve subjected to tensile force, know to pull the valve and pull isolated so far. The recording this numerical is pull head pull flap combined with strength.