Printed label and washing label material classification

printed label,washing labelPrinted label and washing label material classification

Daily used in the wash water label, printed label, there are many different types of some materials is that the more we see, there is less to use, however, washing label and printing label we know how much? Today let you know the wash water label material!

Tape water washing label: ordinary tape, polyester belt, A tape, masking tape), thick tape, thin tape, no fluorescent tape, nylon tape, soft don’t tear tape, adhesive tape, flame retardant belt.

Ribbon wash water ma: smooth black ribbons, colored ribbons, lace, ribbon, two-sided ribbons, single sideband woven sideband, double-sided woven sideband, pressure, light ribbons, flat ribbon, flame retardant ribbon, ribbon

Cotton belt wash water ma: imitation cotton belt, trimming imitation cotton belt, cotton belt, thin blended, herringbone twill cotton belt, belt, corrugated, Switzerland

Other material washing label: dubai paper, hand torn belt, non-woven fabric wash water ma, pearl belt, blended fabric, PVC belt, thick paper, butter paper