The advertising function of clothing hangtags

The traditional clothing hangtags have two functions:

(1) as a certificate of approval, indicate the product name, standard, the article number, composition, grades, test, and so on.

(2) the propaganda enterprise, printing enterprise name, Logo, brand, address, telephone, as one of the companies advertising.

clothing hangtags suppliersTraditional clothing hangtags no matter from the design, printing, material qualitative, modelling, and other ways, are flew, content and routine, objective and concisely introduces the commodity name, origin, specifications, such as washing symbols, basic no artistic aesthetic feeling. Today, as one of the way of brand promotion strategy, advertising function of clothing tags.

(a) has a self introduction, the action of self-promotion Clothing is artistic, the fashion, culture, a perfect design, exquisite production of tags, like a small advertising, can always attract more attention, convey the connotation of the brand. Such as exquisite layout and special texture helps performance quality and workmanship of the garment; Delicate, of primitive simplicity of font to express the style of clothing; Elegant, bright beautiful colour convey different positioning and so on clothing, such tags make people not to see a few eye, this is the most direct and effective advertising.

(2) the role of guiding consumption Booming as the clothing market, competition is more intense, the small tags take more greater responsibility. Tags on the images, words, symbols is one of the most important role in information transfer. The logo on the tag can inform product brand name. Washing instructions, can guide consumers be assured that use. It is no longer a simple to use several standard symbol or icon, add the necessary ingredients and washing instruction, for functional clothes such as plastic body clothing, down jacket, warm clothing with detailed instructions, detailed instructions can reflect the company responsible and considerate attitude towards customers; For complex instructions guidance, can use illustrations or cartoons to make, so vivid and innovation, extremely rich contemporary sense. Specification, fabric content, reference price, can help consumers judgment, analysis and so on. Bar code (Barcode), has become a symbol of modern logistics, supermarkets and shopping malls are required commodity labeling Barcode. About the use of bar code and the commodity classification, to scientific and reasonable, can’t literally coding; Relevant certification marks, such as reflect product quality assurance of IS09001/9002, IS014000 environmental protection, all cotton marks, pure wool, the European green tag Oeko – TexStandardl00, European ecological E – co – 1 Abel, etc., to reflect the quality of the product characteristics, reflect the corporate image, to win customers trust and recognition.

(3) to deepen impression of consumers Tags after design is finalized, finalize the design printing, will be relatively stable, use for a long time, so as to deepen the product impression in the consumers’ mind. Tags are small, information capacity is large, it is the consumer understanding, identify and accept clothes a bond, is indispensable to modern fashion culture decorations. It to improve and protect the reputation of garment enterprises, promote products has a positive role. In all details reflect today, if ignored this small tags, perhaps is loss.