The 2015 global B2C electrical business accounted for the biggest for clothing

A market research company based in Hamburg, according to a study released clothing sales accounts for the largest in the online retail. Reports of the company’s 2015 global apparel B2C electronic commerce development present situation shows that most buyers to purchase the product is clothing and consumer electronics. In order to compete for the market, shop, store and clothing store launched fierce competition.

In recent years, all over the world such as the UK, Russia, China, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, etc., garments are network retail products sell like hot cakes. In some developed countries such as Germany, clothing sales proportion have firmly first. However, in some emerging markets such as the Middle East, etc., the proportion of obvious lower than consumer electronics. 2014 cross-border electricity B2C e-commerce report also reflected the degree of hot clothing sales, accounts for about one-third of cross-border retail sales.

For online shop and entity shop clothing retailer, mobile terminal channels and comprehensive shopping has become an important link. Many buyers will spend a lot of time to choose clothes and shoes on the Internet, but eventually buy may choose online store, may go to stores. In the United States, choose good after choose online shopping or online stores to buy the proportion. Most of the German buyers said they buy clothes shop and entity shop, often compare the price. In the UK, “click on the pickup” has already become the most commonly used options to buy clothes, and become the promotion of the store. At the same time, in South Korea, nearly a third of consumers buy clothes are through smartphone order, it shows that the client site, optimization of the application and provide cross channel seamless shopping experience for consumers is very important.

In China and Japan, a large online retailer and the electricity market is the first choice for consumers when buying clothes. In the Chinese clothing retail network, Tmall occupies the absolute superiority, compiled a large number of domestic and foreign clothing brand and sellers. In India, in 2014, it acquired fashion mall Myntra, amazon also in the acquisition of electricity Jabong negotiations on the road.

In the United States, consumers buy clothes, first consider the is a large retailer, followed by clothing brand shoes. In 2013, the Gap became one of the biggest network retail clothing brand. Online retailer in Europe, Germany Zalando and online retailer La Redoute Bonprix, France and Britain online retailer Asos business has covered a number of countries. In the UK and Germany, H&M, C&A, Marks&Spencer, and Next is the most popular with the consumer’s brand. In South Africa’s clothing sales, occupying the leading advantage Kalahari and Amazon. In Latin America, MercadoLibre and Dafiti has become consumers online clothing’s final destination.