The 13th Bangladesh international textile and clothing exhibition

The condition of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh has a population of 145 million, is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, enjoy the preferential of Europe and the United States a number of export quotas and tariffs, it is the mature market system, cheap labor, has become one of the most development potential of the country.

Textile and garment industry as the most important industries, Bangladesh fully appreciated by the Bangladesh government and the industry accounted for about 38% of the Bangladesh gross value of industrial output, accounting for 78% of exports. Textile and garment industry is the main customers for Bangladesh bank, insurance, shipping, and drive the transportation, hotel, beauty, cosmetics and other related industries. At present, the country has more than 2000 textile mills, more than 6000 garment processing factory, more than 4.5 million people, the textile and garment export primarily to the United States and the European Union, at the same time, the Bangladesh government is actively implement the “eastward” policy, efforts to open the Bangladesh production of textile market in east and southeast Asian countries.

Bangladesh in 2010 for 7.78 billion pieces of knitted garment exports, beyond the 7.74 billion pieces of Turkey, in terms of quantity, has become the world’s second largest knitted garment manufacturer. China’s textile and apparel production equipment has been developing rapidly in recent years, product quality, reliability and so on can not only meet the demand of Bangladesh. And cost-effective equipment than Germany, Japan and other countries. China’s equipment will occupy more and more market share in Bangladesh.hz

The exhibition is introduced:

Bangladesh international textile and garment machinery exhibition is one of the largest textile and garment machinery exhibition in Bangladesh. The last exhibition from Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Brazil and other 31 countries, 850 exhibitors, sold more than 1500 booths, display area of 30000 square meters. Gymnasium during the 10 exhibitions filled the order information, consultation and understanding of international and local business people, 27618 people, in just 4 days sold more than one thousand machines, only the scene of the order value of $150 million, after the order come, abnormal effect.

Most after the exhibition, exhibitors are satisfied with the effect of the exhibition, said 90% of the exhibitors of DTG 2016 exhibitors will.

DTG content including all kinds of textile machinery, clothing machinery, related equipment and accessories, fabrics, accessories, etc. Not only for international suppliers and buyers in Bangladesh market to expand business with great opportunities, but also for the economy and productivity development of Bangladesh with foreign capital and injected with productivity. DTG is good must be involved in a big event every year.

Exhibition range:

Textile machinery and accessories and fabrics, textile machinery, clothing machinery, knitting machines, embroidery machines, weaving machine, spinning machines, printing machines, yarn processing machine, knitting machinery and accessories, garment processing equipment and accessories, prod, inspecting machine, measuring machine, folding machine, coiling machine, bleaching machines, laundry, steam iron and steam equipment, test equipment, control equipment, textile chemicals and dyes, auxiliary equipment, accessories and spare parts;

Apparel machinery and accessories, automation systems, machinery, accessories, CAD/CAM/CIM systems, computer test system, boilers, chemicals and dyes, cutting machines, grinding machines, embroidery machines and embroidery thread, sewing machine, glue machine, folding machine, finishing equipment, fixture, clothing accessories, hook, button, button, rivets, and firmware, lining cloth, wash ironing equipment, knitwear equipment and machines, labeling machines, lasting machine, packaging machine, bag machine, sewing machine, sealing machine, industrial/household sewing machines, sewing machines accessories and spare parts, drive and control system, the sewing machine needle and thread, fabric, leather, leather and synthetic materials, coating machine, winding machine, winding machine, warehousing, logistics equipment, unit production system.

Zipper/rope/buttons/material/indoor decorative cloth/magic stick/leather/lace, binding/trademark/racks, fabric/yarn, etc.

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