Textile and clothing industry must keep pace with The Times

Experiential service is the essence of clothing production manufacturers to become a lifestyle content providers. We want to be in the spring of content producers, learn to bloom and blossom.

Under the new normal, in the textile and clothing industry of producer services and the fashion industry, the connotation of the service object has changed. We might as well put further focus to “serve the people” “for the new human services”, “service for the new world”, “service” for the new future.

Compliance to new era, shi s for a noble ideal, energetic and new variables of human forever is the largest and most active consumer groups; The physical world and virtual world symbiotic harmony of the new world, will create new fission channel hyperplasia and value; Changeful risk, pluralistic development possibility of industry ecology, the multiple has come to a new future, only has not been popular.

Service characteristic is “pain points marketing”. Garment industry, the pain points is to return to the product, production for people so desperately, movies, go to the sufferings of a piece of clothing.

Whether online or offline, garment industry as the consumption of personalized aesthetic and differentiation, economy will usher in a new tribe. Especially with the development of the social network, the network community more and more like the house of the Internet, have a stable living people, communication mechanism, the social scene, business deals.

A person with group of points, birds of a feather flock together way of consumption, we need to adjust the “one size fits all, ones, a recruit fresh” of traditional service mode, the most suitable products to push to the front of the person to, this is exquisite, meticulous refinement marketing ideas.

Looking for value innovation consumption pain points, with the national level of structural reform of the “supply side”. We need to analysis, positioning, locking effective demand, establish the quality value between production and consumption of quality links, the use of the brand value and consumer value classification and links.

Regardless of consumer demand subdivision, fission, extension, still need us to devote themselves to the transformation and upgrading of the universal service. This is the government, industry, business, business and the media need to build the development of ecology.

From the perspective of the product, should focus on industrial chain upstream and downstream common key technologies of collaborative research, devoted to setting up local popular trend in the research, published and use of scientific transmission mechanism and linkage development mode;

From the perspective of marketing, traditional business infrastructure needs into more vivid experience cultural genes, cooperation mode between brands and distributors need to continuously upgrade, O2O cross-border power big data infrastructure need more system support;

From the perspective of communication, media and industry platform, how to use the power advantage, make the public image of the local brands, enhance consumer culture self-efficacy of national brands, still need to further strengthen the infiltration.

Commonality service upgrade, not a single enterprise competence, need intensive integrated system platform, to the country, the industry and the enterprise strategic concept of “trinity”, takes a break and bear responsibility of polishing work.

Service is the best approach to personal experience.

Notable is, offline brand is not equal to online, online sales is not equal to offline good products, offline members is not equal to online fans, online traffic is not equal to offline customers. Online seems to be two different business world, the physical space of different will lead to the psychological space, there are many faults and the possibility of a split. On the one hand, we need to actively promote the integration and realize the sources of differentiation design and consumption of resources complement each other. On the other hand, whether online or offline, all need deep experience type service, change commodity attribute of traditional thinking, emphasis on product to redefine products and services.