Should pay attention to the details of the design of clothing tag logo

Logo plays an important role in the process of creating famous brand enterprises and famous brand products. It is in the process of communication, so that consumers establish a good impression of the enterprise and trust relationship, is conducive to the formation and upgrading of enterprise status. At the same time to promote the enterprises to pay attention to the marks and other art forms, enhance the value of the trademark design. Of course, in the enterprise and people of the art form of trademark, design value, but also inevitably put forward higher requirements for the visual performance of clothing trademarks. Specifically, we should pay attention to:

custom woven labels,fabric labels1, the accuracy of the expression of ideas. Logo in the design from the content to the form should fully reflect the visual design language, can accurately show the clothing industry and enterprise characteristics, to show the clothing brand personality, connotation and market positioning. The information conveyed by the logo is consistent with the consumer’s Association, clear and clear, and in line with the people’s cognitive psychology, to facilitate the identification of memory.

2, with visual art. Logo in the design in addition to the accurate dissemination of information in the practical function, but also has the artistic appeal and appeal, reflect the diversity of modern clothing. Therefore, in the shape of a beautiful and chic, have a good visual impact and affinity, give people visual pleasure and enjoyment, reflecting the needs of the new era of communication.

3, distinctive personality. Logo in the design of the mining of the inherent characteristics of clothing brands, in the strengthening of the differences with other brands at the same time, to find the attributes of the clothing brand, reflecting its style and taste. Therefore, the shape and meaning of the logo is unique and novel in design, the pursuit of individuality, so that it has infinite vitality.

4, production, use, management convenience. Logo in a certain range, in different environments show, different media publicity, the production of different materials, to have the role of recognition.