What is the real environmental protection shopping bag ?

canvas tote bagsShopping bag material has a lot of, some argue that the biodegradable is best, throwing his run out of a little pollution also didn’t, actually otherwise. International food packaging association, executive vice President and secretary general professor dong jinshi, points out that in order to ensure that the toughness of plastic bags, the current sales of biodegradable plastic bags on the market, only a third to a quarter is biodegradable ingredients in other or difficult to degradation of polyethylene. Beijing non-woven bag

According to the degradation of the composition of different, the degradation of biodegradable plastic bags time need months to years. Although much shorter than white trash “digest”, but after a large number of abandoned for environmental problems are still very serious. At the same time, the biodegradable plastic products, there are low intensity (not strong enough), the problem of high cost. Therefore, biodegradable is not the most effective way to solve the plastic shopping bags pollution. Relative to the biodegradable, pay more attention to environmental protection concept in the world now is on the premise of reducing use of waste plastic recycling effectively. Plastic bags

In the “plastic limit order” to perform a year, all people to mention this topic – mixed, the resurgence. National policies to each of us good understanding of policy and consumer behavior. Plastic shopping bags have the people in your life into details, it use less and recycling, is the responsibility of each of us.

Environmental protection bags or environmental protection shopping bag is not only material is environmental protection, consumer behavior is the key environmental protection. No matter what kind material of shopping bag, if consumers not to use will cause the waste and pollution.

Dong jinshi that bag is an ideal alternative to plastic shopping bags. First of all, the bag is sturdy and durable, service life in more than one year, and plastic bags due to bear spikes and heavy damage, generally reuse a dozen times is hard to use; Second, the bag is easy to recycle, and the main raw material is polyethylene plastic bags, due to the molecular structure is stable, not easy decomposition, such as a large number of abandoned in the environment, easy cause “white pollution” and waste resources. Third, bag can use the old clothes, bag, or old bag made a simple modification, so that both environmental protection and fashion.