Purchasing process of garment accessories

    1. The first order, and this is a prerequisite for procurement. Company salesman (including overseas and domestic) according to the customer order for purchasing proofing single or preparation, this is equivalent to single, while purchasing to customers is the company’s TBS. Proofing the single or preparation business should be marked as related requirements, such as customer orders, single garment to consumption of materials, the materials needed by material quality and technology, preparation completion time, etc. Buyer if there is any way we don’t know should be proofing single or preparation to the purchasing department timely inform the documentary on the day of the salesman.

   labelsgood 2. The row of single. Garment accessories buyer received from TBS proofing single or preparation, to begin to row of single. Single row should say is the first step on the purchasing plan, to the preparation of single out, can not only shorten the sourcing time, also can reduce cost, achieve twice the result with half the effort. Sometimes from TBS to stock sheet is not a two, but a lot of pieces, it must be on time for these list scheduling, follow the principle of single preference, the first row of the goods time list. In addition, the technological process is multifarious, supply of materials should also arrange purchase first. At the same time, if to the preparation of single, more than a single all need the same kind of material, want to consider purchasing. Such as: the material used in A single blue polyester thread 20 (4000 y/A), also want to use this kind of stock B, single line 500, the preparation of C to 50. When purchasing if in accordance with the single material list to purchase, because fewer suppliers may not ready to order, on the contrary the price may also carry high clouds corresponding work into the boot cost, etc.; And if some single thread together in procurement, quantity has an advantage in the first place, require suppliers to reduce some price accordingly, most of them will agree, after all, the number of big, reduce some price for them is not affect profits, and in the company, and save a fortune said it’s not a big say small not small cost. In addition, the row also preferred to clean up the warehouse inventory of material, reduce unnecessary repeat purchasing work. Considerate take care of everything and make a purchase plan.

    3. To place an order. Referred to in order object is suppliers. After good single row can be done according to the row of single procurement plan to begin preparation. Garment accessories purchase this movement is divided into mining and purchase. TBS to proofing sheet may some of them are new materials has never been used before, this would require the production, such as to open mold, also involves the development of new suppliers, here is not elaborate. Is mainly about the production material purchase. General each company’s purchasing department in the big goods finish or every year all the product proofing of to do relevant work of the material card on file. When place an order, you can according to the existing data and control the warehouse inventory of material to the preparation of single number and time needed for the order. Order when in the selection of suppliers is also very important. This needs to evaluate existing suppliers before placing order, it is necessary to also need to develop more new suppliers. Choose a good supplier can help to better conduct procurement work in the future. From the price, quality, delivery time way place, payment, quality of service in the aspects of comparison to choose the appropriate suppliers it is the ability of purchasing personnel should possess. Based on the lowest price to buy the best quality idea, choose suitable suppliers, can make the purchase and sale contract with suppliers also known as the place an order. Should be made clear the purchase and sale contract, in addition to the order of the specifications of the material, quantity, color, the unit price (whether tax, duty or VAT, a few tax point), the total amount thereof must also indicate the quality requirements, delivery time, delivery, payment location and the terms of payment in addition to perform the contract the responsibility of the parties, and many other details. Anyhow, before in workshop, all materials should be in suppliers have arrange production, big goods production make sure all necessary materials can into the warehouse (packaging cartons, plastic bags can delay).

    4. The documentary, refers to with suppliers to sign the purchase and sale contract, within the stipulated time of delivery, tracking material production progress. Some suppliers are good at “mushroom”, after receiving the order due to production peak season or other reasons, reluctant to give our list on production line, then we have to do is to dare to say, directly to find suppliers, request production on schedule, but not necessary to change suppliers. (this is mostly in purchasing activities will have encountered, so it requires previous company looking for supplier is not limited to, after all, the west to the east dawn light, looking for more suppliers and the good of the company, and also can create competitive pressure to the supplier) suppliers have to arrange the material in the process of production, it is necessary to go to supplier production workshop, tight quality. Documentary in this link, if guarantee the quality of the goods, can avoid a lot of companies in the production of big goods in the future there may be some problems, such as in the material by material quality closes nevertheless, delay time and delay delivery time, etc. So on documentary should require suppliers in time can on time, and more to requirements on supplier quality must not make any mistakes.

    5. End of the order. The materials needed by the production back to the warehouse, garment accessories procurement should be carried out in cooperation with the incoming inspection QC inspection work of all products, make relevant record and prepare material in the list and stay all materials are OK in order to be the end of this order. Additional purchasing still need to do is every time the proofing sheet ready to related material card, after the completion of orderly so that the big goods in the future, the same, after completion of the bulk material list to do relevant work of the material card on file, so that the repeat order in the future. Above only for himself in the procurement of related processes at ordinary times, may also have a lot of failed to consider the details. Purchasing activities are likely to appear in this or that problem, it also would require the procurement staff have sufficient flexibility is ability and negotiation skills to communicate with suppliers, cooperate with other relevant departments, of course, it is also important, garment accessories procurement is a link on your company’s operations, to ensure the normal and orderly production big goods, coordinated various departments is the most crucial, because unity is strength!