Professional terms of garment accessories

Woven label

Hang woven label
Hot cutting woven label
Folio woven label
Latch needle woven label
Edge folding woven label
Triangle folding woven label
Laser cutting woven label
Stuffed woven label

Binding label

Paper and fabic printing label
Adhesive tape printing label
Silk ribbon printing label
DUPONT paper printing label
Non-woven fabric printing label
Cotton basic silk-screen label
Felt basic silk-screen label
Polyester double printing label
Tabby fabric  printing label
silk adhibit on fabric printing label


3D embroidery
Ribbon embroidery
Applique embroidery
Towel Embroidery
Cap Embroidery
Fashionable Embroidery
Hood Embroidery
Toy Embroidery
Shoes patch Embroidery
Beaded embroidery patch
special Embroidery
Embroidery and iron drilling
Woven patch

Embroidery patch

National flat patch
Sleeve emblem
The world cup patch
Sleeve emblem label

Other accessories

Ribbon lanyard line production
Pvc production
Stopper production
Hangtag production
Button production

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