Procurement of metal zipper which need to be paid attention to ?

    Metal zipper is durable, soft, elegant and solemn. Applicable to high-end jacket, leather jacket, ski jacket, down jacket, jeans, casual wear, clothes, etc.

zipper and zipper puller manufacturers suppliersVendors need to pay attention to when metal zipper of choose and buy?

1, perfect, must ensure that its strong fluctuation check must stick to the mi or pliers in the mi tooth.

2, compact scrap can be careful, the modelling of metal zipper head, can also be bold magnificent. But no matter how to pull head, whether to feel the pull head LaQi freely, will not happen on the zipper does not close or not approach. Now on the market sell zipper head with self-locking device, so after the pull zipper, inspection of locks after fixed zipper will slide down.

3, have the phenomenon of color flowers, metal zipper teeth is plating color, so when the choose and buy must pay attention to its surface plating color is uniform, pull up and down when the zipper is smooth. Zipper after close, it is necessary to observe whether the left and right tooth bite each other, asymmetrical zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.

4, its components, and coloration are different, because the metal zipper cloth belt core in the raw material is polyester yarn, thread, such as different kinds of silk thread. So likely to occur in the same zip off color, should choose when at this time in the selection of cloth dyeing uniformity, no turbidity point of different fabric made of cloth is given priority to with soft.

5, metal zipper used which kind of product, indeed is bags, clothes, shoes, boots, tents, need water to wash jeans or acidic larger leather category, and other special requirements.