Procurement Index for hang tags Purchasing Groups

39     Generally speaking, a hang tags buyer will consider if they buy the hang tags from several aspects.One is their interests in buying a hang tag or the fondness for it. They’ll analyze the cost performance. Some hang tags purchasers even require the tag to have a certain uniqueness. Another one is the credibility of the tags producers. Finally is how the buyers’ demands be met, which is what the tags purchasers’ demands satisfaction degree commonly refers to. In designing a tag, whether the supplier can satisfy the purchasers’ requirements of the lead time, price, quantity, quality, etc. The marketing knowledge here generally involves analysis of a global key indicators database. The system is called IPAOS VANTIS. By analyzing this system we can drop some buyers purchase history, and the current market data. It will provide a potential profit opportunities and improve the accuracy of prediction for tags suppliers. While the lag problem discounts the validity of the data. It can not absolutely guarantee a tag market trends and accurate situation.

    A lot of data input is required to build such a database. More data, more accurate of the analysis results will be. For instance, we receive the relations between tags uniqueness and tags preference through the establishment of date. Suppose the tags preference is in an average or lower position, that means the add action of tags uniqueness can not cause shopping desire. For another example, we build a data model of tag’s consumption demand and it’s price demand. When the data showed that the price is in a high level, that means more affects is from price.