printed labels and woven labels which should we choose?

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Printed labels and woven labels which should we choose? Although both of them are clothing labels, you may struggling to choose printed labels or woven labels for your clothing and products. As there are different features and characteristics between both labels, they may suited for certain types of product than others. Here is the little guide outlining when should use printed and woven labels.

is best suit for products or clothing that need many information which means they are mostly used as care labels. Information such as laundary symbol, care instruction, material and place of origin are mostly seen on printed labels. Some big brands also print different languages on the same labels to cut down their costs. As they can carry lots of information, they are mostly placed inside the clothing and used for duvets, baby chairs, pillows, underwear and any other products that need to placed with many information.

There are many material can be printed but Nylon and Satin are commonly used. Nylon gives the plastic texture and Satin is silk ribbon which is commonly used for clothing. As they are designed for display text, black and white are always used for printed labels. Color printed are also available but it might be in higher cost.

are mainly used for displaying brand name,logo and slogan which gives you the professional of you brand and products! Some brands may also prefer to print the care instruction,symbols and website link on the tags. This is also possible but just keep in mind that do put too much information. It is tightly weaved by thread!

In brief, printed labels are most used for tags that need to be printed many information whereas if you prefer to get a processional impression from your brand, woven labels is preferred.

There is no YES and NO for choosing which types of labels because they are all custom order to to meet your needs.If you struggling to decide woven or printed labels, you can always welcome to contact us for advises