Old clothes recycling wide prospect of market

down jacket labels,down jacket labels,down jacket labelsIn recent years, with increasing of people’s living standard, people for update speed also gradually to speed up the clothes, old clothes. But for old clothes recycling mess is serious, is not optimistic, there are even old clothes recycling barrel “dust”, doubts, angry voice. Experts say, old clothes recycling use a vast market and it is necessary to reform the industry chain.

Old clothes recycling wide prospect of market Industrial chain to perfect

Our country’s textile and clothing products consumption and export power, textile and garment industry output value as high as 9 trillion yuan, but the textile and garment industry is also a resource dependence and environmental sensitivity high, there is a big consumption of non-renewable and natural resources.

In recent years, people to the clothing of the update frequency and consumption amount is improving, old clothes and the amount of waste textiles in rapid growth. According to a set of survey data shows that: in production and consumption link every year in our country has about 26 million tons of waste textiles, utilization rate of less than 14%. At the same time, raw material supply tension haunted textile, textile raw materials imports more than 65%.

In the present, rapid elimination of old clothes has become a new consumer waste. Related studies show that if the old clothes jilted conveniently, the pollution of water quality, soil, air, etc. But if all be recycled, not only equivalent to save 24 million tons of crude oil, still can reduce 80 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as for various recycling use.

But unfortunately, although there are various forms of old clothes recycling enterprises in China, but due to the regulation and the profit pattern is not clear, there are a few companies cut corners, even at the illegal to get high profits.

Huge market

In recent years, with increasing of people’s living standard, people for update speed also gradually to speed up the clothes, old clothes. These old clothes and how to deal with and has become a pain in the neck of a lot of people.

Some people directly the whole sacks to drop, and even in rural towns, some people go directly to burn, the approach for unit engaged in rubbish, but directly to the clothes. But this several processing modes will caused certain pollution to the environment, throw into the river and river pollution, burning to air pollution, buried filling holes is not a long-term solution.

And now for the whereabouts of old clothes, people can choose the direction also has a lot of. Mountains and to help the people in need, for instance, needy people to donate the clothes; Recycling to break it down into can use of raw materials, etc. These old clothes, as data statistics, if can be recycled, is not only can reduce pollution can also through various means to turn it into resources.

Can say, old clothes recycling and utilization prospect is very broad. In Shanghai, for example, in Shanghai, as many as hundreds of tons of old clothes every day. A year, the need to dispose of old clothes for the total amount of 130000 tons, 3 of Shanghai living garbage all around. How to properly handle these old clothes, how to back into the market after processing there are all kinds of business opportunities.

Lanzhou city standing committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference jian-pin Lin said that if the old clothes to recycle, well but abandoned by hand, the pollution of water quality, soil, air, etc will be. If these old clothes all by incineration, produced by the material contains carcinogenic ingredients, if according to the landfill, because cotton perishable, chemical fiber refractory, produce pollution to soil and groundwater.

“Old clothes can be through the recycling, processing, processing, become the renewable resources, for a second use, waste.” Shijiazhuang science and industrial technology research institute researcher hu wei said that now many foreign region has used clothes recycling of circular economy as an important industry, once a virtuous circle, the market potential is tremendous.

At present, the old clothes recycling pattern mainly divided into three categories: one is the charity through the way of raising, the second is the sanitation system through the way of garbage classification, three is recycling enterprises rely on the government circular economy class old clothes recycling for the program. Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenyang, wenzhou and other cities have set up the charity supermarket, received by the community residents old clothes donation, donation after dealing with the free to the disadvantaged groups, or the donation to liquidate, the money is used to help the needy.

Hu wei said, whether it is used for public welfare or through processing and reused, eventually can be into. Forming time is shorter, but due to domestic industry for old clothes recycling laws and regulations is not clear, causing chaos mount. Relevant departments shall establish and improve a recycling system, processing system and the relevant policies and regulations and industry standards, such as to guide the industry healthy and orderly development.

Chaos is serious

In recent years, the state for recycling of used materials, has gradually more and more enterprises begin to engage in used materials recycling project. But due to the low threshold of recycling, many enterprises began to gather together into, not only cause the waste of resources, and good recycling brand of clothes are not used for public welfare projects, appear even for font-row area.

Last year, for example, television has exposed, recycling bins in some places in Shanghai, although in the name of public welfare, but no real need for recovery of clothing. These should belong to enterprise and relevant departments to regulatory recycling bins, was sold to private individuals. The master of the recycling bins will conduct sold on its own collection of old clothes, so as to obtain high profits.

The flow of old clothes who supervised by? Unfortunately, at present our country is still a blank in this respect. According to the issued by the ministry of the rules of urban living garbage classification and evaluation standard, in the garbage classification, old clothes (fabric) with paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc., both belong to the appropriate recovery and recycling of resources use. Unfortunately, for recycling old clothes, there is no one direct supervision department, this makes a lot of problems to solve mainly depends on the enterprise self supervision and improvement.

Helpless, in the face of high profits, these enterprises are hard to really do mind like water. Shanghai is China’s old clothes recycling started earlier city, even so, in the face of the old clothes and old clothes boxes whose how to deal with regulation, still it is hard to clarify.

Shanghai greening and the relevant person in charge of administration of the city, said said from nature, the residents of old clothes belong to the recycling of waste. And according to a 2014 began to implement “Shanghai promote reducing living garbage classification management method” regulation, waste recycling, recycling in the commerce administrative department is responsible for the guidance and supervision.

The official also said that the old clothes for the set up recycling bins of enterprises, we do not have permission to the examination and approval, also do not have permission to regulation. Because of this, now recycling old clothes market in China is still a mess. A community possible used clothes recycling bins of three or more enterprises, not only cause the waste of resources, also caused the village congestion, and set up a far cry from the original.

Beijing tongzhou suntech lawyer at yi-fan huang said, “director unit, regulatory scope is not clear, to charitable projects not has caused a certain psychological trauma to the people, if not in time to repair, may form the embarrassing situation no one is willing to donate.”

Yi-fan huang said, specific how to do the most crucial step there are suitable for local recycling clothing industry the development of the relevant provisions, the local industry leading to try to establish industry standard instructions and submit the related department, a prohibition rules to avoid chaos.

Need to improve the industrial chain

Recently, some media investigations found that old clothes to citizens no imagination of poor areas or poor families, but is to be shipped to Shanghai and jiangsu collection of old clothes. It is understood that these old clothes after selling, earn four yuan a ton. Old clothes recycling barrel “dust”, doubts, anger.

Old clothes recycling project operations – hangzhou ShenJi recycling chain co., LTD., said an official with the relevant recycling clothes of public welfare projects, the public welfare is just one of the elements. They are a focus of renewable resources recycling enterprise, bring out new clothes to donate more to do public welfare is the “accessories” derived from the company’s business.

Although those responsible later apologized, but also exposed the old stuff recycling industry in China still needs to improve its industrial chain. China’s old clothes founder xiao-dong fang said in an interview with the media, for health and other factors, China’s old clothes clothing sales have been banned, many processed into raw materials for recycling decomposition, but there are also some old clothes will be exported to Africa and other countries, but also in a grey area.

He said, at present the industry mostly retail, large companies less than 20. Small companies want to go to the registration can’t find the corresponding registration type, can only be registered trading company, and other retail is to evade taxes and not to do the license. In addition, the customs declaration also not old clothes, the project only in textiles or old class declaration. A few businessmen will recycling old clothes to stick a card or renovate illegal behavior such as disturbed the market order, a bad name to the industry.

Compared to recovery after engaging in illegal business, industry normal operating profit is not high, as the raw material prices rising, recycling old clothes if you don’t strictly quality control of old clothes, also may be at a loss. Because if the supplier is not enough good faith will be some rubbish into old clothes, which will require cleaning cost, poor quality if the day is in vain.

Yi-fan huang said that each year old clothes for a problem, need to be settled. Rather than let it waste and environmental pollution, its name and tube bundle. Due to special industries, is likely to affect people’s health, bad for business, should be determined to be outlawed, and no relevant responsible persons to participate in the relevant category in the future.

The personage inside course of study says, if you can form “resources – products – consumption – renewable resources” such a closed cycle economic model, is favorable for the formation of old clothes industry chain. But the status quo is, such a chain to be perfect.