HNew underwear must wash before wearing ?

    custom woven labels,fabric labels,clothing hang tagsKnown as clothings inevitable to use formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is commonly known as, he is a kind of disinfection and antiseptic, astringent. Add trace formaldehyde in textiles and clothing, because the content is very few, general won’t cause any harm to human body, but very few people allergic constitution tend to cause allergic dermatitis. In addition, the clothes will be infected with a lot of dust and bacteria in the process of production, all kinds of chemical ingredients contained in the material and color, these are pathogenic, the trigger.

    Experts remind everybody don’t directly after bought new clothes to wear, especially underwear, rinse it in ventilated place dry, after a side can remove dust produced in the process of production of clothing, at the same time can make the material such as formaldehyde contained inside volatile as far as possible avoid allergies. If allergy happens, don’t buy medicinal myself, to do the allergen inspection to the hospital in time, symptomatic treatment.