More than 120000 unqualified imported clothing was destroyed in Shanghai port

non woven bag manufacturerShanghai entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau destroyed 123200 recently seized unqualified imported clothing, BOSS, VERSACE JEANS and other well-known international brands impressively in the column.

According to introducing, destroyed the unqualified imported clothing mainly involves fastness, PH value, such as formaldehyde to exceed bid security and health programs. 123200 destruction of nearly double the amount of destruction than the same period last year growth, and most of the calendar year. By the professional processing, these unqualified imported clothes were burned into electrical energy.

According to Shanghai entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau statistics, in recent years, the textile import continued rapid growth of consumer goods. Clothing imports in 2015, Shanghai port to accept the 52000 batch of inspection, sampling inspection 21000 batch, check out the immanent quality unqualified 1281 batch, percent of pass is up to 6.02%. Involving safety, health project unqualified batch 598, value $4.326 million. According to the regulation, internal quality if imports clothing were unqualified, returned or destroyed.

In addition to the boss, versace and other international brands, in the first half of 2015, Shanghai entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau has continuous detection HERMES brand clothing imports the formaldehyde content exceeds the national standard of set limit to request, involved nine batches, producers are French.

The relevant person in charge of Shanghai entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, points out that the skin direct contact with formaldehyde clothing, can cause allergic dermatitis and carcinogenesis, formaldehyde belongs to the serious security unqualified, health behavior. Relevant international famous brands should be unqualified imported clothing be destroyed for lessons, China’s relevant laws and regulations must be observed, attaches great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of Chinese