Metal zipper common faults and maintenance methods

Zipper on most men’s trousers, jackets, bags are widely used, but the metal zipper sometimes out of order, or rather long time don’t have to open and close may appear or sliding, are very common. Therefore, to keep clothes zipper can smoothly so that for a long time, still have to learn some commonly used maintenance skills.

There are three kinds of metal zipper without cause: metal, nylon and plastic metal zipper. For aluminum or copper metal zipper, in the process of operation and save face not to be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not contact with alkali and acid, to prevent the oxidation of the metal teeth be affected with damp be affected with damp, eroded. For nylon and plastic metal zipper to face up to prevent low temperature, in order to prevent deformation. Due to its wear resistance, hardness, strength, and other than metal zipper, operating more carefully than metal zipper, is bound to the teeth gently pull.

In addition, to prevent the metal zipper color has the following kinds:

A, with copper, cupronickel, red copper, brass) made of metal zipper, operating on the metal products or hair products, metal zipper will caused by metal oxide impregnation part of the change of tooth black phenomenon. This due to making the cooked skin agent of leather and wool products processing such as bleach, freedom of process and residue on the product, the product of metal zipper color gas smell.

B, rubber band and sulfides, with a rubber band bundle metal zipper, metal chain tooth can produce sulfide phenomenon (black).

C, hung electric metal zipper head has done antirust freedom, but for oxidation are the properties of the metal, in order to reduce the color and general situation of flowers, the metal zipper head wrapped with copy paper, please.

Cover a wide range of metal zipper use in space suits, diving suits, used in submarine escape, is better than transmission, risk preventing and prevent the clothing size is beneficial to use, such as if the metal zipper in the flash of faults in the operation, must be repaired in real time. Metal zipper “take off” or “tilt” wait for a phenomenon, can get rid of the bad tooth, make up the new tooth, can still be operation; After the metal zipper pull head, unilateral tooth differences properly, this statement metal zipper head wear loose backwardness, available popular mountain jun clamp in the closed end of the metal zipper head lateral gently clip, metal zipper it get better immediately, unilateral tooth close tightly, no longer loose. If metal zipper head, declared the clamping force is too big, must from the dispensing; Some metal zippers are two head off tooth, tooth parts can be take off from the isolation, the metal zipper head moving into, the needle and thread fixed end also sustainable operation; If the metal zipper teeth and metal zipper head are not metal, broken individual can’t repair, so we have to update the below solve metal zipper for master introduce some tips:

1, some time in the tool bag with too much time, if it is closed with a zipper, metal zipper force is too big, can easily make take a teeth left. So that the failure of metal zipper, can produce adverse results. At the mercy of teeth need to be kept a close, make the nylon mail after process easily closed zipper, this will prevent zipper malfunction easily.

2, in the metal zipper opening and closing mishaps or sliding of the hour, if have the skills to pull hard nylon chain head, could send his bite fault. Here can teach to fight a common sense, is to use paraffin or smooth spray coating on tooth profile and inside, and then to have the discipline to move several times after the pull head sliding loose.

3, when the movable metal zipper, often will shine nylon chain head biting line or cloth and make the pull head motionless, flashing if this kind of scene image, if it is strong to pull the nylon pull head, may result in the end is bit more deep, on the one hand, a shudder to pull the nylon head first, moreover on the one hand and untied the cloth. In full bite out of time, to face up to here is a lot of pull the nylon pull head, absolutely don’t want to go to oh incrementally pull head, and then pull in the seam, please don’t leave hidden trouble. The zipper pull up will be much smoother.

Clothing on the metal zipper is to daily operation, operation will delay its operating life scientifically, the following introduce the intended operation and shield clothing on the metal zipper. When pull the metal zipper, must be unilateral tooth at first, the top must be aligned, then holding the metal zipper head along the orbit gently pull, can’t pull too hard. In mobile metal zipper head to face don’t put clothes or edge clutter ground class into the metal zipper, in order to prevent the tilt “teeth” and “stomach”, “take off” wait for a phenomenon. If metal zipper send acerbity, not easily pull, don’t be hard to pull, can be coated metal zipper with some wax or stood, can pull.