leather label for jeans

About the characteristics of jeans with a lot of kinds, representative of Levi after the red TAB and double arc bag, and almost all of jeans in the lower back where the belt is leather label, the size of a business card is pretty cool, each jeans brand each are not identical, only a handful of friends will cut off the lower back skin standard, and most of the friends will put the belt under the leather label. In fact, there are a lot about this piece of the leather or story.jeans

Jeans back skin mark not Levis first use, it was first introduced by Lee fashion. Lee jeans back skin mark was born in 1936, solid natural leather brand, become the iconic characteristic of Lee brand jeans, extremely collection value, so that after each jeans manufacturers to follow suit.

As to whether the belt to through the below did not form any standard, generally is a personal preference, because the jeans itself is synonymous with freedom. About the jeans back skin mark role:

1, decorative, lower back skin standard for jeans brand LOGO more commonly, such as the tandem of Levi; Some brands of novel design, fashion is also very strong.

2, conspicuous, and the world big leather label can show their grade uncommon.

3, practicability, belt must be through the skin, can achieve the above two purposes.

4, authenticity, many brands of jeans can be the back leather standard to distinguish authenticity.