Knowledge of garment accessories

Clothing labels classification method is mainly used in accordance with the process to distinguish between different machines. Process similar to weave, the characteristic is warp/weft yarn is black or white, general design, text is made up of weft. (if you have any special requirement will be needed by warp yarn dyed color, dyed by clothing labels.)

custom woven labels,woven labels suppliers1, the west German machine Clothing labels:

Features: trademark along the meridional a horse cloth woven out, then cut, it is also called the trimmer.

According to its texture is different, divided into two major categories, plane (plain) and satin (twill) trademark.

The plane can be divided into general plane again, double, double spindle, etc.

Of course, according to different warp can be black, white and black satin and white satin.

2, Wooden spindle machine clothing labels (including Taiwan wooden spindle machine, Japanese wooden spindle machine)

Features: trademark woven out from the machine is a complete one, therefore, its edge is package edge, weft yarn from the beginning to the end, the same color, is together, soft. Disadvantages: low efficiency, use only five kinds of the color. Classification with west German machine.

3, Clothing labelscrochet machine.

Characteristics of the same trademark wooden spindle machine, but not the shuttle machine, but the knitting, tight, strong weft. More used as a hot color code, the use of warp and weft yarn of different characteristics on the floor by heat transfer printing.

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