Jeans labels

57    In daily life, we always can see many people wearing jeans. When you buy jeans, you will always see the attached hang tags on the clothes.Do hang tags to do clothes is the same, for clothes, the size of the clothes and fabrics are very important. And hang tags as well as the choice of paper is also very important.
For paper jeans tags, we usually choose kraft paper. Especially white kraft paper, because white kraft paper, printing effect is very good. If is sedate style jeans, we are more likely to choose the wood pulp kraft paper.
We now see jeans tag on the market, most of them are made of wood pulp kraft paper. Because the color of it looks classical, possess the style of the American cowboy. Another reason is that the lower price tags made of kraft paper. lower. Businesses tend to choose low cost material tags, Garment Accessories with low cost, can reduce the overall cost of the product.