In 2016, garment industry structure change will find three big ideas

Garment industry in the capital markets over the past year strong, but in the eyes of professional analysts, industry began to change. Cicc, textile and apparel industry analysts hai-yan guo believes that textile and garment industry demand structural changes significantly.

Agencies believe capital market, the textile and garment industry shows three trends:

(1) the trend of specialization, from commodity services, shall be given heavier asset: a mild industry division of labor tends to professional differentiation, scale efficiency, light assets service-oriented businesses will gain a foothold.

(2) the trend of integration, platform advantages, industry consolidation are presented: industry entered a stage of excess capacity to inventories, vertical integration, horizontal merger and acquisition is one of the means in the future and growth.

(3) the fine division of labor, the integration of mergers and acquisitions in the future is one of the main ways to do strongly does: division of differentiation to industry consolidation opportunities, reconstructing value chain system and platform advantage helps to increase market share.

Overall, 2016 textile and garment industry in m&a integration of the new age.

From the niche analysis pattern change of textile and clothing industry in 2016 is mainly refer to three ideas:

1) aging demand for health, travel, sports fitness, etc;

2) women’s needs of her economic income increase;

3) after the 90 average propensity to consume and raise fans, brand electric business economic development, etc.